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Holdfast: Nations At War - Easy Siege Defense Guide

Written by shadosnake   /   Jan 12, 2020    

Through small dastardly feats of daring, waste the attackers resources with this small step.

Guide to Easy Siege Defense

The Strat(s)

Step 1

Get some people and run to the 2nd objective if there is one, it is going to fall quickly to the attackers. Empty it of ammo boxes and take them to the primary objective, destroy any arty facing the fort. try to mitigate losses.

Step 2

Throughout the attack, enemies may carry ladders or explosives, possibly ammo, or build small fortifications not far outside the walls. Get some rushers, and some people to stay in cover.

  • If they have ladders, kill them just before they reach the wall, run out, grab the ladders, and run.
  • Kill explosives sappers far from the wall.
  • If fortifications are close, rush them and break them, then retreat.

All of that starves the enemy of good resources and is worth losing a small amount of tickets to do.

Step 3

Get a small group to spot enemy cannons and rocket ladders, get either your fort artillery to destroy it, or attempt to steal the enemy's ammo crates and haul them back (or hide them well). If the arty is destroyed, it's a near impossible defeat for defenders, if ammo is gone, sappers have to waste time and resources to make more.

Step 4

Friendly sappers fill in the gaps, everyone else stay low and keep them out.

Step 5


Written by shadosnake.