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GTA 5 - Basic Motorbike Bumpjumping Guide (GTA Online)

Written by derevo   /   Jan 12, 2020    

This guide show you how to use your bike with maximum profit. From this moment no one wall or obstacle on your way can stop you.

Motorbike Bumpjumping Tutorial - Basics

First Step: Know Your Limits

I have to say that roofjumping is not easy way to entertain yourself in GTA Online. You have to understand, if you want to succeed you have to put a lot of time and nerves into it. Be ready to try all over and over and over again for succesful attempt, and when you fail, do it again. But when you reach certain level of skill, I assure you, you will never ride through streets of LS as you used to.

Second Step: Accept Your Way

If you already have MC club - good. If you don't - buy cheapest one. You need only MC building without any upgrades or business. My personal choice - MC in Sandy Shores.

Now you have quick access to all your bikes. Spawn them in front of you anywhere anytime via context menu by pressing M - President Menu - Spawn bike. This is very useful because you will always lost your bikes on roofs, rivers etc. Also if you need repair your bike - just respawn it.

Third Step: The Holy Trinity

To do jumps you need bikes, that obvious. So you need get at least one and upgrade it!

These are my top 3 stunt bikes:

Hakuchou aka Sledgehammer

Best bike for doing longest and hardest jumps in my opinion. If you find bump - its launch you into space.

  • Advantages: Very fast, easy and controlled wheelie.
  • Disadvantages: Not good for newcomers, heavy weight.

BF400 aka Butterfly

This is super good bike for middle range jumps.

  • Advantages: Very jumpy, Almost unlimited wheelie, Low weight, Perfect for "tactical" roof-to-roof jump method, Vertical grip, Easy to control and best choice for newbies.
  • Disadvantages: Hard to reach highest roofs.

Ruffian aka Hybrid

As you can see in the title, Ruffian is a good mixture between Hakuchou and BF400. Thats mean it can reach high areas almost as Hakuchou and be very good controlled as BF400.

  • Advantages: Very friendly for newcomers, easy to control and fastest wheelie.
  • Disadvantages: I didnt find any. Golden mean.

P.S. I didn't include Bati 801 to this list. This is good bike for stunts but i don't like it personaly.


Weird science

Now it's time to talk about important things. These things are:

  • Speed.
  • Distance.
  • Angle.

Imagine a situation. You cruising around on your new fully loaded bike and you see a big building. You wanna jump to it. But how exactly?

Step one

Rate situation. Select target.

Step two

Find a good spot for bump.

Step three

Select distance.

Step four

Reach maximum speed. *Pro tip*: Press ctrl and go wheelie. Try to stay on rear wheel as much as you can because it will increase your speed.

Step five

One of the most important things - correct angle. You need to bump with your forward wheel first. if you do, it launch you into the air. If you dont - you will squish your balls and die in agony. You can make all the way to bump on wheelie or get back to the ground with two wheels when you near the bump, and then start wheelie before bump (that depends on what kind and height of bump before you)

Step six

Flying manuevers: Okay now you in the air. Lean your bike back and hold it in near horizontal position. Try to hold your rear wheel almost on the same level as forward wheel - that will help help you to fly higher and further.

Step seven

Stabilize yourself before landing. You can increase your lucky landing if you prepare yourself in the air first. If you still fly upside down and you think you will crash - just move your rear wheel higher than forward wheel and then release ctrl. Your bike will make instant frontflip.

Step eight

Landing. Worst part of all. You can fail jump with perfect trajectory or smash wall on full speed and stay on bike. There is always 50/50. 

Voila! You King of the Hill now. Congrats.


Eight steps to Hell

So, we finally finish with Theory. But how it works in Practice? You know, its better to show one time than speak about that a hundred times. There is my Top 30 bumpjumps in GTA Online Free Mode:

Written by derevo.

Game:   GTA 5