Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Fast Castle on Migration Guide (Build Order)

Guide to Build Order of Fast Castle on Migration

Build Order

Dark Age

  • 6 vils on sheep + deer.
  • 5 vils to build lumbercamp on wood.
  • 1 vil build dock + houses.
  • +4 vils on wood.
  • 6 vils on straggler trees.
  • 1 vil build 2nd dock + houses.
  • 12 fishing ships total.
  • 4 vils from straggler trees.
  • To build mill on berries.
  • +2 vils on berries.
  • 3 from sheep to build mining camp on gold.
  • 3 from sheep to build 2nd lumbercamp.
  • +2 vils from straggler trees.

Click feudal age.

Build 3rd dock.

Feudal Age

  • Queue up 2 vils to gold.
  • 2 vils buils market.
  • 1 vil build blacksmith.
  • Click castle age.
  • Queue all three docks with galleys.
  • Research double-bit axe.
  • Research fletching.

Note: Horse collar optional.

Castle Age

  • Research war galley.
  • Research bodkin arrows.
  • Build university.
  • Research ballistics.
  • Research careening.
  • Build 1-2 more docks.
  • Consider going fast imperial age.
  • Consider booming on the main land.


Video illustration of the Build Order:

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