Dark Souls 3 – All Covenant Locations Guide

This guide contains list of all covenant locations in Dark Souls III.

Guide to All Covenant Locations

Way of the Blue

Kill the valley boss first.

Travel to the church bonfire:

Talk to the lady at the chair or kill her.

I’ve already killed her so she gone.

Sun Medal

First make your way towards undead settlement bonfire.

1. Find the big tree area with enemies around it.

2. Run past them and go through the tunnel and open the door.

3. Brake the boxes and go down.

4. Grab the covenant item.

Mound Makers

Travel to the Undead settlement bonfire.

This can be done in two ways!

  • Easy way: Talk to some enemy near these houses near the big tree.
  • Hard way: Call upon sirris after beating the tree and take down an enemy in a duel.

Sirris’s sign outside the boss room of the tree.

The Duel

Simply with her help kill the man in the duel for the covenant.

Blue Sentinels

Travel to the Halfway fortress bonfire.

Simply talk to the two NPC’S standing near the bonfire wall.

They will give you the covenant.

Watchdogs of Farron

Enter the Farron swamp area and climb the ladder.

This will take you to this bonfire:

Talk to the dog for item.

Rosaria’s Fingers

Find this hidden room in the Cathedral of the deep.

Active the bonfire:

Simply talk to Rosaria for the covenant.

Aldrich Faithful

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Find this hidden wall and wack it with your weapon:

Scream begone thot!

In the water reserve bonfire:

Look in the corner and you’ll see some fat f!ck taking a bath.

Talk to em for the covenant.

Blades of the Dark Moon

No it’s not a transformers movie…

Travel to Anor Londo bonfire:

Turn the crank

So it’s facing this way towards this weird palace thing.

Then prepare to die and jump off.

You won’t die as the path is clear.

Talk to the lady

You won’t die from the fall as the path is there.

She will give you the covenant.

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