Dark Souls 2 – Ring of Binding Location Guide

This guide describes in detail anti hollowing ring location in Dark souls 2.

Guide to Ring of Binding Location

Anti Hollowing

Health with ring:

Heide’s Ruin

Travel to this bonfire:

If you look in the distance you can see the location you must arrive at for the ring.

The ring is guarded by two knights near the dragon rider boss.

Either run past or kill all the enemies in these locations:

Head up towards the circle like structure and kill the enemies inside and make your way through the door to the right.

Head down the stairs and take out the knights before crossing over to the raised platform with the chest.

The chest

Note: You must either hit the knight or kill the dragon rider for them to move around before getting the ring.

Inside the chest is the ring of binding which gives a limit on how much hollowing can happen.

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