Enter the Gungeon – Hint-Based Guide to Secrets and Unlockables

This guide gives incremental hints about some of the most popular secret unlockables. Read as many of the hints as you wish, with the full secret solution being given at the end for each unlockable!

Secrets and Unlockables Guide

Secret Unlockable Gungeoneers

The game currently has 5 more gungeoneers that you can unlock on top of the original 4. Among them, the Cultist is essentially unlocked already while the others are far more challenging.

The Cultist

As previously mentioned, this character begins unlocked, but is not always playable. They do have their own story and Past Kill, although it doesn’t work the same way as the others.

  • “Unlock” Hint: You cannot play this character on your own, you will need the help of a friend.
  • Solution: The Cultist only appears as Player 2 when playing in Co-Op Mode.
  • Past Kill Hint: You probably noticed that the Blacksmith doesn’t give the Cultist the Bullet that can Kill the Past. Once again, you will need your friend to step in.
  • Solution: After defeating the High Dragun and Player 1 obtains the Gun that can Kill the Past from the chest, they can shoot the Cultist with it instead of themselves.

The Bullet

Unlocking this character will most likely require several trips through the Gungeon.

  • Unlock Hint 1: Before anything else, you need to have successfully killed the past of one of the first 4 characters.
  • Unlock Hint 2: This character will sometimes be encountered in the Gungeon! However, they are found with only 8-25% chance, more likely in the lower floors. Be careful not to mistake them for someone else, say an enemy. You don’t have to talk to them, but you’ll need to find them a few times.
  • Unlock Hint 3: Have you noticed that on occasion a specific “enemy” appears among the others, but does not attack you at all no matter what? Be sure to return the favor and spare them too. A few times, actually.
  • Unlock Hint 4: This specific “enemy” wears a red cape and wields a simple gun.
  • Unlock Solution: The character is a red caped bullet kin that appears alone or in a group. They are found with only 8-25% chance, more likely in the lower floors. They will run around but not attack the gungeoneers. Don’t attack them and wait until they teleport away. You will need to do this 5 times in total before the Bullet shows up in the Breach, “sleeping” at the left of the Pilot

The Robot

This character can be unlocked in a single run, even though it may take a few tries.

  • Unlock Hint 1: The character requires some (re-)assembly. The good news is that you only have 1 part to find. The bad news is you will also have to find someone to do the repairs.
  • Unlock Hint 2: The required part always spawns, and always in the same room, as a by-product of something you might have fixed before. This is not a room you need to visit much. The person to find can also be found always, and at the same place every time, although not on the same floor as the part.
  • Unlock Hint 3: Have you ever tried jumping after an elevator after it leaves? You don’t get damage, but you end up in a special room.
  • Unlock Hint 4: The first elevator shaft you can jump in contains some junk item(s) that may be of interest (not called “junk”). You may also run into someone trying to fix the elevator there (The Tinker). To find the junk item, you need to help the Tinker once.
  • Unlock Hint 5: Sadly, the Tinker character only fixes elevators, and not the robot. You will need to take the part you find to a very skilled craftsman.
  • Unlock Hint 6: Or perhaps, a craftswoman? Like one working deep within the gungeon?
  • Unlock Solution: Find the Busted Television in the first elevator room at Gungeon Proper, after unlocking the first shortcut. Take it to the Blacksmith in the Forge, who will fix the robot. This is of course, a challenge, given that the item will drop with every dodge roll. You may want to consider throwing it across pits and also not picking it up before clearing the Gungeon Proper.

The Paradox

Unlocking this character takes one run, if you find everything you need.

  • Unlock Hint 1: Before anything else, you need to have successfully killed the past of one of the first 4 characters.
  • Unlock Hint 2: As the name suggests, there is something uncanny about this character. It requires you to find and interact with something uncanny too (and then keep on playing a full run). It does not always appear and you may not realize that you can actually interact with it by pressing “e”.
  • Unlock Hint 3: If you’ve been to the Forge, you’ve seen this phenomena before. However, it is much rarer on other floors. It is anomalous, in fact, and that is why you can interact with it if you come across it on a higher floor. After you pick it up, you will know. You will need to carry it on you, all the way to the past…
  • Unlock Solution: As said in the official wiki page: The method to unlock the Paradox can only be accessed after killing at least one Past. In the Gungeon Proper, Black Powder Mine and the Hollow, there is a 20% chance that a cosmic rift will appear in a random room, which the player can walk into and interact with to receive a paradox effect. Killing the boss after the Dragun (like in the past) with the effect active will unlock The Paradox. Multiple cosmic rifts can appear in one run, and they can also appear during a Rainbow Run.

The Gunslinger

This character is perhaps the hardest to unlock.

  • Unlock Hint 1: You need to have unlocked a previous secret character AND a secret floor, which requires at the very least defeating the Dragun.
  • Unlock Hint 2: Unlocking the character involves messing with the laws of the universe, while already in an exceptionally arcane place…
  • Unlock Hint 3: You need to play as the Paradox, and go to the secret 6th Chamber…
  • Unlock Solution: Defeat the final boss in Bullet Hell as the Paradox to unlock this character.

Secret Floor Access

The Gungeon normally seems to have 5 floors. However, you may be delighted to find out that there are in addition 5 secret floors!

Each of them is accessed from a different regular floor, but starting the run on that floor alone may not be enough…

The Oubliette

  • Access Hint 1: The Oubliette is below the Keep of the Lead Lord. It is accessed through a secret room with a secret entrance.
  • Access Hint 2: Have you noticed a particular room that appears in every run through the Keep? It contains a hidden area…
  • Access Hint 3: You will need water, perhaps from a gun, perhaps not…
  • Access Hint 4: Water barrels can be found around the Keep, (and always in this room too upon entering the secret floor once). After the water is applied, the secret switch to the secret area can be accessed. You may notice a change in the map. By the way, do you have any keys?
  • Access Solution: Use a water barrel (roll it over) / water gun / goop gun on the fireplace with a large painting over it. The fire will extinguish and the grate will drop. Behind the fireplace is a secret switch, flicked by pressing “e” on the back wall of the fireplace. The Oubliette entrance will be revealed as a new room extending from a random room on the floor. The trapdoor entrance has two locks that need to be opened. Afterwards, jump in!

The Abbey of the True Gun

  • Access Hint 1: The Cult of the Gundead is ancient and has its fair share of secrets, such as a hidden old abbey below the Gungeon Proper. As a cult, their entrance to the Abbey has a bit of a ritual to it, requiring a special (but fragile) item…
  • Access Hint 2: Once again, be on the lookout for a unique room that always appears. The entrance is there. The key however, can only be found on the previous secret floor, where it will always appear…
  • Access Hint 3: This old and fragile key will need to be carried to the entrance without the gungeoneer taking any damage. The good news is that you can prepare such that you don’t face any bosses on the way.
  • Access Hint 4: The key is not key-shaped and can be used as a functional item (sometimes involuntarily). The “keyhole” is no keyhole either, more like a small pedestal…
  • Access Solution: Find the Old Crest in the Oubliette. It is best to clear the floor before picking it up, because it will break if you get hit, even if you get additional armor. Take it to the long room in the Gungeon Proper with statues of old bullet warriors. The crest can be placed on the altar at the back of the room, revealing the secret stairs to the Abbey.

The Resourceful Rat’s Lair

  • Access Hint 1: The secret entrance is somewhere in the Black Powder Mine. You will need 2-3 blanks and 2 keys, one of which is special (this time it is key-shaped). You need to have reached a gungeoneer’s past at least once before finding them.
  • Access Hint 2: The clue to both the key and the secret door is rats…
  • Access Hint 3: You will need to think like a rat, who gnaws at things and runs around with the other rats.
  • Access Hint 4: You can purchase the key on a previous floor (or -more fittingly- steal it!). After the hidden door is revealed and entered, you will need to travel a bit and find another secret room, hidden in a typical way. You may need to do this a few times before finding the true entrance. However, the challenge only begins here…
  • Access Solution: Buy or steal the Gnawed Key from the shop in Gungeon Proper. You can pay over multiple runs, and the price will be fixed at 115 shells after the first purchase. In the Black Powder Mine, find the (random) room filled with rats. Use water, or run around in the dusty areas until a hidden trapdoor is revealed from under the dust. Use a regular key (or equivalent) to open this door. In the tunnel below, take the minecart or walk until near the end (be careful not to fall). You can create/see a cracked wall there. Use a blank to open wall, and subsequent cracked walls you will encounter beyond the first one. Finally, the Gnawed Key can be used to open the trapdoor to the lair.

After-Access Hint: The Rat leaves you some notes after grabbing the items you leave around. The different notes can be reviewed in the Ammonomicon.

The R&G Dept

  • Access Hint 1: The secret entrance to this floor appears in the Hollow, although it is normally used for something else. The room is not guaranteed to appear unless you came from a previous floor and carry at least 1 of a special item you won along the way.
  • Access Hint 2: You will need to defeat the Hollow’s boss. In addition, you will need to defeat at least one previous floors’ boss, and even that may not be enough by itself.
  • Access Hint 3: A particular “shop” can be found near the Forge elevator if you did everything right so far. If you make very generous transactions there, say, involving any two items and one hard-earned special kind of passive item, the shopkeeper may take a special liking to you.
  • Access Hint 4: As much as you may not want to part with them, passive items can be dropped on the map screen by selecting them and clicking the “drop” button that appears in the corner.
  • Access Solution: You will need to enter the floor with a Master Round (acing the Hollow boss might also work but I am not sure the shop will then appear). By the Forge elevator, you will encounter the Sell Creep. Drop to him any two items (even junk). Drop more if you want the money. Finally, drop a Master Round. The Creep will blast open the grate to let you into the secret floor. Note: This does not work in any other place the Creep appears.

The 6th Chamber: Bullet Hell

  • Access Hint 1: You will need to kill your past, more than once…
  • Access Hint 2: After killing the pasts of the first 4 gungeoneers, defeat the Dragun once more. Beating the Gungeon so many times will anger somebody…
  • Access Hint 3: Now why not try to defeat the past yet again?
  • Access Solution: After killing the pasts of the first 4 gungeoneers, defeat the Dragun once more with any character and head to the Aimless Void below (you don’t need to visit the Blacksmith). Head towards The Gun That Can Kill The Past. You will see.

Unique Secret Rooms

As Ser Manuel once told you, Secret Rooms can be found using blanks (or equivalents) on cracked walls. However, you usually need to make the cracks yourself after finding the right wall, with a gun that does not have infinite ammo. Secret Rooms can be almost anywhere on a floor. There can be none or multiple, depending on the circumstances. They are most often connected to treasure rooms. You may want to use a Map or Brick Cash to help too.

Secret rooms may contain NPC’s, notes, traps, chests, etc. There are three unique secret rooms on the following floors:

  • Floor: Gungeon Proper (does not always appear. The secret entrance is on only the left or right wall of a room).
  • Contents Hint: Unique NPC’s and a special new gun with its own chest.

  • Floor: Abbey of the True Gun (always appears).
  • Contents Hint: A unique NPC and their chest.

  • Floor: Bullet Hell (always appears).
  • Contents Hint: An unusual kind of gun-eater.

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