Dark Souls 3 – Titanite Farming Guide

This guide explains how to farm titanite in Dark Souls 3.

How to Farm Titanite


Used for upgrading weapons to + 3 levels.


  • Demon ruins bonfire.
  • Decent weapon.

Demon Ruins

First travel to Demon Ruins in the catacombs of Carthus.

Down the stairs

Head down the stairs.

Look around for the following:

  • Toxic type enemy.
  • Fire enemy.

Diagram of toxic enemy:

Diagram of fire enemy:

Kill them

Simply take them down and they will almost always drop a titanite shard.

Look for the glowing aura from their corpses.

Fire enemy

Watch out for these as they can take you down at level 115 pretty easy.


Once you have gone through and killed all toxic and fire types just rest at the bonfire and repeat until happy.


Can be gained really quick.

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