The Forest – Tree Chopping Guide

This guide helps with the basics of tree chopping and the best way to get wood. It includes: every kind of tree harvest, the achievements, explains all “axes” in some detail and other things tree.

Guide to Tree Chopping

Getting Started

When you first start in The Forest, your surrounded by trees. The first thing to do is create a home; when making almost anything, you need logs. Here is what you need to know:

  • The plane axe is the basic axe that you start with.
  • You want to get the Modern Axe as soon as possible.
  • Logs are very important when building.
  • You get 4-5 logs per tree.
  • You can only put tree houses / platforms on certain trees.


There are a few achievements you can get from the trees, here is a list of them and how to get them.

Climate Change

This is achievement is fairly simple and requires you to chop down 100 trees. You do not have to stay in the same game as this just accumulates over time.

Don’t Save The Forest

Just like the previous achievement, this one requires just chopping trees. The only difference is that you have to chop 1000, the previous 100 you got to get the other achievement counts toward this.

Demolition Expert

To earn this achievement, I recommend you find the closest group of trees possible because you need to put a bomb in the middle and get 6 trees down as it shows.


There are six known “axes” in the game as of the time of this guide. Some aren’t actual axes and some won’t cut trees but are axes, I will be going over all of them.

Side Note: Burn Time = combining the axe with a cloth and lighting to light enemies on fire.

The Six Axes:

  • The Plane Axe
  • The Modern Axe
  • The Rusty Axe
  • The Crafted Axe
  • The Machete
  • The Climbing Axe

The Plane Axe


The Plane Axe is the axe you get when you first survive the crash. This axe, while it does chop trees, it does not do it very efficiently. With this, you have to choices which are either modifying it(Not In This Guide), or getting a better axe.


  • Tree Chops To Down: 9-17.
  • Burn Time: 50 seconds.

The Modern Axe


The Modern axe is the best axe you can currently get in the game, it starts off fast and gets faster with modifiers. This axe is found in one of the many caves on the island. This axe is also featured at one of the endings.


  • Tree Chops To Down: 6-9.
  • Burn Time: 1:50 seconds.

The Rusty Axe


The Rusty Axe is better than the Plane Axe, however it isn’t as good as the Modern Axe in a few ways. The chopping speed is the same and the burn time is worse than the Crafted Axe, so you may as well make or steal a Crafted Axe from a cannibal.


  • Tree Chops To Down: 9-13.
  • Burn Time: 1:20 seconds.

The Crafted Axe


The Crafted Axe is, like in the name, craftable. While it has the same tree downing speed as the Rusty Axe, it’s burn time lasts 10 seconds longer which can help in a tough situation. This axe can be crafted with as little as a stick a rock and one rope.


  • Tree Chops To Down: 9-13.
  • Burn Time: 1:30 seconds.

The Machete


While The Machete is a good weapon, it is a terrible axe. It does count as an axe and it can chop, but it takes more chops than the worst axe in the game. I recommend highly against using this as an axe unless you want a challenge.


  • Tree Chops To Down: 17-33.
  • Burn Time: Not Available.

The Climbing Axe


While it’s called a Climbing “Axe”, it is not an axe and does not chop trees. It can be used as a weapon and while it swings fast. it does less damage than the Plane Axe. It of course could also be used for climbing in the snow and ice.


  • Tree Chops To Down: Not Available.
  • Burn Time: Not Available.

Alternate Methods of Deforestation

You can chop with axes, but why do that? Here are some alternate Methods to your goals of Deforestation and Destruction!


The Chainsaw is an obvious method to chopping trees that is better than most. The only downfall is the fuel it takes and how long it takes to find and how hard it is to get back to your base. However, the Chainsaw can be upgraded with a light to see at night.


Crafting: To craft this you need one of each of the following:

Booze, a Circuit Board, Coins, a wrist watch, and electrical tape.

Note: this can be made into a sticky bomb with a bomb and sap.

The only downside to this is getting all the materials for it..

The Best Way To Chop

This in my personal opinion is the best and definitely most fun way to gather logs for building…

[-Armsies-] yeah.. those things….

Suprisingly, these guys make great lumberjacks! But seriously lets talk about them:

  • Advantages: Massacre trees, they come to you, and you don’t need any materials!
  • Disadvantages: They come a little later in the game, they are destructive to you and your base, they usually are in packs with other mutants or cannibals…
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  1. Awesome and fun guide for new comers or experienced players. Didn’t even know the rusty axe existed

  2. I played through the whole game, and it is only on my second playthrough that I discovered the unalloyed joy that is running at full speed through the forest, exploding every tree with my entire store of dynamite and bombs. 10/10 would attract every mutant again.

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