Dark Souls: Remastered – Early Soul Farming Guide

Improved early soul farming guide for Dark Souls 1.

How to Farm Soul


This is an even more beginner friendly soul farming route.


First farm

  • Killed Taurus demon.
  • Kicked the ladder down to the bonfire below.


  • Up to the forest.
  • 20k medal.

Farm 1

First set your spawn at the undead burg bonfire near the archers:

Outside view:

Then head up the ladder to the right that you should of kicked down after beating taurus.

The ladder will take you up towards the dragon that sits on top of the building.

Once up the ladder go up the stairs and you’ll see a big red dragon but don’t walk out there yet as the dragon will breathe fire and kill all the enemies on the bridge.

Once the dragon breathes fire you should run back down and jump back towards the bonfire you started at but now with an extra 555 souls every time from the dead enemies.

Farm 2

You’ll need the medal for 20,000 souls sold by the blacksmith.

Then run through the door past the lightning demon and make your way towards the forest door.

Hit the wall to the left for a hidden bonfire. Use the crest on the door.

Run around the area in a circle to lure the bandits onto you.

Then run back to the door and stand in the corner with your shield raised. The AI is stupid enough to run off the stairs into the pit.

With the shield raised they’ll fall off the ledge and drop 2,000 souls each! There’s three so 6,000 every run!


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