Dark Souls: Remastered – Crows Nest Location Guide

Snuggly’s nest location in Dark Souls 1.

How to Find Snuggly’s Nest Location

Snuggly / Smug?

Snuggly is a giant raven bird that transports you to the Undead Asylum and back to firelink. He can be seen sitting on a wall.

Nest Location

First make your way towards the elevators in Firelink. Only ride half way up before jumping off onto the closest ledge.

From there you’ll see a cliff.

You must run and roll onto the pillar that connects to the main one.


Four hidden chests to the left of the pillar.

Anyway head up the circle tower and you’ll see Snuggly’s nest.

Curl up like a ball and wait a few minutes for Snuggly to come and pick you up.



There’s an optional boss here.

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