Kerbal Space Program – Pre-Orbiting Guide

As many of you know there is a point of no return to making easy cash & science from sub-orbital tourism. Once the orbital contract has been completed, there is no going back. Here is a very basic guide to milking that sub-orbital tourism-cow, while you have access to it.

Guide to Before Going Orbital

Milking the Sub-Orbital Cash-Cow

If you wish to make easy profit early, please hold before completing the orbital contract and take a look at these steps:

  • Complete initial contracts (launch and out-of-atmo).
  • Activate Unpaid-research program (Reputation->Science).
  • Upgrade to 7 contracts.
  • Get as many tourist/VIP contracts as you are offered.
  • Build a 5 person rocket with a minimum of 1500 DV able to go beyond 70 km (aim for 85km).
  • Fill with 1 Pilot (for stability) + 4 passengers.
  • Launch-land-rinse-repeat.


  • About 30k-40k profit per launch (@ 10k cost).
  • Bonus science from non-sciency missions.
  • Initial pilot roster bonus XP.
  • Gather crew reports from launch/land biomes for extra science.
  • Upgrade buildings early and benefit from access to EVA science, better coms-range, more complex/heavy crafts.
  • Watch very happy Kerbal-faces repeatedly.

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