Rainbow Six Siege – Rank Gold Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Flexy!

This short but helpful guide will be going over some tips and tricks on how you can rankup to gold in R6S

Guide to Rank Gold

All in One

Hello and welcome! in this guide I will be showing you the best/effective ways I (know) on how to atleast rank gold on siege.

  1. Never solo queue in ranked! This is very risky because if you solo queue you can either meet trollers or just toxic people that will decrease the chance of you winning the game, and if you dont win the game you wont rankup.
  2. Almost everytime you die you make a mistake. You need to accept the fact that u made the mistake and not your teammates, and try to speculate on what you did wrong and make sure it never happends again.
  3. Practise your aim in terrorist hunt. Trust me! this works, Just join a thunt and blast some fine music! remember that you should not focus on taking the hostage, playing safe and such in thunt. Always go for headshots and try to kill everyone as FAST as possible.
  4. Map knowledge is one of the most important things to have in r6s! This will help you alot because if you know your maps, you know exactly where u should for example: spawnpeek, Hold angles or where cams are. You can improve your map knowledge by looking at different maps on some other guides or just watch a video.
  5. Do not argue about stupid things while in a ranked because trust me! from my own experience you can get mad at your team and they will get mad at u and this will affect your game very bad because u focus on the argument that much that you get less control over the game.
  6. Keep grinding and practising and u will get there soon.
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