The Lord of the Rings Online – How to Play for Points

Guide contains useful tips for pointing playing.

Playing for Points


I have so far gotten around 1400 points from playing my main, and an alt that I tried to farm points through the Deed system, but following a slayer guide got very stale, and from mechanically repeating the same thing, I figured, following that allegedly efficient guide isn’t bearable. This guide is dedicated to other poor people like myself, that want to enjoy the full extent of this game, but can’t afford to buy VIP, and farming NPC’s brings down their overall experience. I’ll be focusing on every exploitable source of LOTRO Points through this walkthrough, up until the 5th, payed for, zone, giving you tips on how to go through it as relaxing as leveling your main was.

Class and Race

First off, it’s not entirely important what class or race you play, since this guide’s purpose is to avoid making you sick off NPC farming, but since you’ll be deleting it after you either finish or you get tired of it, to get that crucial character slot for future farming, what’s best, in regards to starting position, movement boosters and damage, is the Dwarf Hunter.

Sources of Wealth

What most people focus on in their point farming sessions is zone deeds, but, although the fastest to finish, those aren’t the only sources that you can potentially get rewarded for your efforts.

There are 3 types of zone deeds:

  • Slayer.
  • Quest.
  • Discovery. 

These 3 will get you around 700 Points after completing all 4 free zones provided by the game.

There are 3 other sources of Points: Class, Race, and Reputation. These 3 are usually seen as difficult to farm, and thus ignored.

However, by combining Class with Slayer, and Quest with Reputation, you’ll easily boost that total you’ll get at the end with at least 100 more points, while feeling like you’re playing, not farming.

Actual Walkthrough

So you created your Dwarf Hunter, and you’re in the tutorial zone. Rush through that, don’t look back at it, not even Class Deeds are made available until you reach level 5. Out of the 3 specs, choose Trapper of Foes, because some Hunter Class Deeds require you to use skills made available only by it. You can later, obviously, change it. This spec comes with perks itself, one of them is being able to set traps without waiting, which is easing the process of Deed progression.

Don’t open the Welcome Gift. Although almost everything inside is very useful and transferable to your main, you’ll fill your inventory for the moment. If you do because you’re impatient, send everything to your main as soon as possible.

When you finish the tutorial, you’ll be spawned at Thorin’s Halls, pick up every quest you see, and start doing them, up until you hit level 5. One of the quests is about getting professions, you can ignore that one, since there is no Deed about professing. Check your Class deeds, swipe the hotkey page, and put the first 4 Class Deed required skills in the hotbar. Spam those 4 until level 10, then add the next 4, etc. This will let you focus on completing the Deeds available as soon as they are, rarely will you have to spam the spell while sitting in place. Don’t worry about what you kill, every dead NPC means contribution to your Deeds. Do not sell the trash you get from the mobs until you turn in your 5 Daily Tasks, since you can’t, first off, transfer money with a free account, and second off, using them on Tasks gives you Reputation.

Whenever you finish your Skill Deed progression, you can take a break until the next day, when you can make progress for it again. This isn’t necessary, but will help your experience to be less boring. Whenever you finish 3 of a Class Deed set, you’ll get at least 15 LOTRO Points, and, a bonus skill point. While progressing, buy rations from vendors, and use them whenever you remember. Gold will be deleted with your character when you’ve drained every bit of it’s Point’s sources, so spend away.

Use Whiteberry’s utterly amazing guide for progression without aimlessly wasting time trying to find a place you don’t know the wearings of.

Make your way through the 4 starting zones, exploit to the maximum your class deeds while doing the over-estimated Zone Deeds. The Race Deeds will, in most cases, progress without you noticing. Reputation, however, will be more difficult to obtain. The only place where you’ll easily be Kindred with will be the Men of Bree.

What Now

You’re in Lone Lands, wondering how can you delete this new character you had a genuine experience with, and thinking I’m ♥♥♥ing lier, since you didn’t get as much points as to make a difference, the Tasks didn’t give you the rep expected, and some class deeds aren’t yet done.

No worries! If you just want the rep, just go back to the zones you know quests give a certain type of rep.

But that won’t solve your Class Deeds problem will it? There’s another way to get both Class Deeds, and Reputation Deeds, while feeling a lot more grindy.

Do the available skirimishs, focus on Lieutenants, killing 5 of one type will give you 50 Marks, after 45 more, you’ll get 500 more Marks. Use those marks to get gear from the skirimishs vendors with blue markers over their heads, usually gathered in one place. You’ll get Marks for killing skirimishs mobs anyway, so don’t worry of running out.

Now you have some Marks, not knowing yet what the hell is wrong with me for putting you to so much work just to not get bored. If you need Reputation on your main, hop over on it, look for the Reputation items Marks vendor. Exhaust your supply of Marks until you’re satisfied or you run out of it, hop back on your Point farmer, raise his Reputation from the same vendor. Up until level 40, new factions will be made available to raise your Reputation with. Max your main up, and use whatever is left on your Dwarf. Use the LOTRO Wiki to figure out how many Reputation Items you need to get to the next status. Do not invest in Reputation Items if you’re not sure they’ll get you to the next status, the later available Reputation Items cost more, and more.

Keep doing this until:

  • You’re completely sick of those 2 skirimishs you keep spamming.
  • You’re completely out of skirimishs Deeds to do and Marks income slows down.
  • You’re completely over the Point farming run and want to start over fresh.


You’ve reach the end of the guide. By following these instructions, you’ll end up with аbout:

  • 75 Points from Race Deeds (if you reach level 40).
  • 110 Points from Class Deeds (if you reached level 50).
  • 400 Points from Reputation Deeds (if you reach level 40).
  • 185 Points from Ered Luin Deeds.
  • 150 Points from The Shire Deeds.
  • 255 Points from Bree-land Deeds.
  • 180 Points from The Lone-lands Deeds.
  • For a grand total of 1,355 LOTRO Points!

You can do this 3 and a half times and get the Eriador Quest Pack, that will give you access to Eriador zones, which will make your future Points farming even more enjoyable, or you can do this twice and wait for the discount (if one ever comes again).

Don’t forget to open the Welcome Gift, and send your account bound premium items and crafting items to your main!

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