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Lost - Solutions for All Game Levels

Written by Grio   /   Jan 17, 2020    

In this guide you can find solution in English for all the game.

All Levels Solutions

1st Level

  • Pick up the key in the girl's hand and put it in the keyhole.
  • Have you noticed that the gem on the chest of the girl is the same as the shape of the hole on the table? This is the key.
  • Mirror mirror! I think there is a problem with the mirror.

2nd Level

  • It's very simple. Feel that these cards have problems at first glance, especially the fifth one on the right.
  • Very simple, there is a problem with the second card on the right.

3rd Level

  • You should click on her button.
  • Look at the drawers for props. Place it on your breast and between your legs.

4th Level

  • Yeah, the kitten is so cute, i will use the little card of the clothes i got from the female police drawer and put it on her body.Use the number on her arm to be the password for the lock (the black dot on the middle of the locker is the dot of the number on her arm).
  • Write "play" on her ♥♥♥ with the letters that u have.

5th Level

  • When the teacher disappears, pass the note to the girl behind you.
  • Put the toy in the backpack on the girl.
  • Click the switch five times to be undetected by the teacher.

6th Level

  • Use the paint bottle on her clothes for make them disappear.
  • Beat the girl with a brush.
  • Clean the palette with the brush for find the numer that u need to use on her nipple toy.

7th Level

  • Cut off her underwear with scissors.
  • The number of strokes with “IE” words on both legs, click the number of left and right controllers, click on the left for 15 times and click on the right for 7 times.
  • Remove the piece of paper from the top right corner and place the coin you previously received into it.Move your tongueover her chest and left thigh.

8th Level

  • Go to the balcony to see. Go to the living room and take the clothes rail to open the window.
  • Click on the phone in the window.
  • Place the palm card that the living room has on the buttocks.

9th Level

  • Remove her clothes with scissor.
  • Drop her with a candle.
  • The badge on the girl's hat is placed in the coin slot on the door.

10th Level

  • Remove the clothes of the girl.
  • Handcuff her hand with the gun first, or it will be killed, use the Key to unlock the lock.
  • Open the box on the wall.

11st Level

  • Remove the small iron rod from the railing and place the iron rod on the bell.
  • The thing in the hand of the left is a switch.
  • Put your tongue on the right penis.

12nd Level

  • Click on the swimsuit.
  • Put the sea cucumber between her legs.
  • Put the octopus on her chest.4.Put the straw in the cup that u found on the beach, the girl drinks the milk and fills the cup.

13rd Level

  • Click on her nipple.
  • Click on her tail to let.
  • Click on the cross tombstone on the right.4.Place the bottle that was on her neck on the man.

14th Level

  • Place the antenna in the bucket, above the TV and place the antenna in the shape of a pattern.
  • Equal to 25, adjust the buttons of the TV to 2 and 5.
  • Equal to 42 and adjust the buttons of the TV to 4 and 2 respectively.
  • Equal to 44, adjust the buttons of the TV to 4 and 4 respectively.
  • Monkeys like to eat bananas, enter 13 and try.

15th Level

  • Take all the money you can found in the scene 1. Give her money.
  • Give money to give money.
  • Money and money.

16th Level

  • Click on the clothes (all of them from the head to the bottom).
  • There is a clip in the drawer, and the clip is placed on the chest.
  • Candles deal with girls.
  • Slide the wall and pick up the whip.
  • There are tools behind the painting on the wall. Adjust the pattern on the lock according to the order of the patterns on the wall and then use the gagball on her.

17th Level

  • There is a card to get rid of clothes, which needs to be played again. You can use it to get rid of clothes, and then click to remove the nipple stickers.
  • The first step is to plug the electric bar on the left side of the table into the wall and charge it. The second part finds threetriangles to be placed under the socket to start.
  • The left side of the boy has a triangle on his head.
  • Another boy has a triangleon his chest. There is also a triangle on the window. Now u can shock the girl.
  • Massage the girl with a blue vibrator.
  • Use the whip on the table to beat the girl on her chest.
  • Insert the pink vibrator on the table and click on all the buttons below to activate.

18th Level

  • Click on the pool with the bottle and click on the girl, repeating three times.
  • Place the bug on the girl and repeat it twice.
  • Massage with a glove and massage between the chest and the legs.
  • Give the stockings to the bunny.

19th Level

  • Open the drawer under the door and take the tongue and hand card.
  • Put the photo frames together, you'll get a key and use it on the lock of the door; click on the clothes and then on the photo to her left.
  • Put the tongue card between the legs.
  • The palm card is placed on the girl (tummy,♥♥♥,left leg).
  • Take the finger hand on the left and put it between her legs.
  • Place the magnifying glass between the legs. Rotate the small screen to get the full picture.

20th Level

  • Click on the little ropes that keep the frames to the wall; click on the collar (floor) and on the bone (window).
  • Move down the handle of the suitcase and grab both the items.
  • Pull the pink handle on the left and use the magnifying glass on the dog.
  • Click on her bra.
  • Use both of the objects that u found in the suitcase.
  • Put the bone with the string on her mouth.
  • Use the collar on her neck and then click on her.

P.S: For unlock the hidden puzzle u must hit the statue with the sword in the chosing menu.

Game:   Lost
Written by Grio.