Lightmatter – Achievements Guide

This guide is about all achievements in Lightmatter the game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

The Story Achievements

This is the list of the achievements recieved just from playing through the story. This section will remain unchanged for the most part unless I receive info for which levels trigger these achievements to pop.

Say hello to my little friend

Ah, there it is!

  • View the Core in Level 8.

Argh, the bridge collapsed

  • Collapse the bridge in Level 10.

Sneakin’ around

  • Complete Level 12.


  • Completed Level 14.

Quality of Life Services

  • Complete Level 15.

Now you’re playing with power!

  • Level 24 – Pick up the photon connector for the first time.

Fast like a cat

  • Level 29 – Run through the moving door after pushing the button.

See you on the other side!

  • Complete level 38.

The Fun Achievements

These are the achievements the dev put in for fun. As always, the community immediately began working together to discover how to unlock these achievements…or not unlock achievements…or accidentally idling and coming back to an achievement…Nevertheless – these achievements will be organized by the level they relate to.

The cake is alive

  • Level 1 – In the room with the video camera on a tripod stand, there is a table to the right with cupcakes, wine, and cake. jump behind it in the corner and stare at a slice! 

Staring contest

  • Level 3 – After hopping out of the elevator, follow the trail to the first set of stairs, and look up and stair at the recording camera for a minute or two.

Note: This can be done with any camera that is tracking you

Record of six

  • Level 9 – Run between the metal decontaminator more than 6 times before it closes.
  • Doing this breaks the employee record of 6.

Vashta Nerada

  • Level 20 – After raising the lift, turn left and die on top of the canvas/tarp-like object.
  • The Shadows That Melt The Flesh.

Damn fine cup of coffee

  • Level 22 – Before jumping down the elevator shaft, turn left and take a break in the office for a minute or two.
  • Enjoy the coffee.

Yippee ki-yay

  • Level 22 – After the elevator has crashed and you have dropped down into the vent, instead of turning left and walking to the recorded message, walk straight (towards the shadows) over the cigarette lighter.
  • Venture further.

I said no photographs!

  • Level 23 – Take a screenshot inside the R&D chamber.
  • What did he just get done telling you?!

Schrödinger’s cat

  • Level 24 – After completing level 23, the vending machine immediately left to the starting doors will have an activate button, using this button with open/close the door behind you while a ‘meow’ plays. Opening the door has a chance to spawn Schrödinger’s cat.

Note: you must play through level 23, you cannot select level 24 from the menu, as the vending machine will not work.


  • Level 27 – Knock over the trash can that is straight ahead, across the bridge from spawn/starting doors.

Note: This achievement can be done with any trash can that you can interact with

Photon Fun Hour

  • Level 27 – Rather than completing the level (jumping over the desk in the office), idle or play with the photon beams for a bit.
  • Don’t lose your hair stressing.

Burger Friday

  • Level 28 – This achievement is a day-based achievement, meaning you can only get it on friday (hence the name.) After running through the lab and jumping the gap, there is a radio playing Portal 1’s credit song “Still Alive”. On the same table, there is a burger, stare at it for a minute or two.
  • Note: changing the computer’s time seems to work for this achievement.
  • This achievement can be done with any burger in the game.
  • I’ve experiments to run. There is research to be done on the people who are still alive.

Level 1 below

Contract Work

  • Level 31 – Upon spawn/entrance, there is a walkway and set of stairs to the left, there is a briefcase to the side on the base of the stairs.
  • It was his best tool.


  • Level 38 – Wait 21 minutes in the lever room after having “shut down” the Core
  • Do not pull the lever the 2nd time (Reactivate the Core) – simply wait in the room.

Found Lux!

  • Find Lux.
  • Turning around after landing on the recorded message in the pipes on Level 12.
  • Completing Schrödinger’s cat on Level 24.
  • After completing level 22, he is under a stepladder in the corner.

  • After completing Level 28’s puzzle and jumping the gap, go through the glass doors, and turn left.

  • In his cat bed by the light source in Level 29.
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