Destiny 2 – Bastion Exotic Fusion Riffle (Quest Line Guide)

This guide will help you get new brand exotic – Bastion.

How to Get Bastion Exotic Fusion Riffle


First of all you need some things to do:

  • Own Season of the Dawn.
  • Complete Corridors of Time puzzle and complete all Saint-14 related missions.

Quest Line

First of all you need to free Saint-14 from infinite forest, only then you will get corridors of time quest line. This is where fun begins. You have 3 collect lore book collect emblem. get chromatic weapon core and start the Bastion Quest Line.

Now let me tell how you’re gonna do it.

Simple. You’ll be running through a lot of doors. Each door have a symbol. There is a total number of 5 in each room(but we can say six, because door behind you always have cauldron (don’t need to know how it look, just know that it’s red). So, symbols are: 

  • Snake.
  • Hex.
  • Plus.
  • Diamond.
  • Clover.

I’m gonna share the screens which have all combinations that you’ll need (for quest you’ll need found solution).

After you’ve done with Corridors you will see your grave, hear a great speech from Saint-14 and will get weapon core.

Steps to Get Your New Gun

Step 1: Little bit of talking

Come back to Saint-14 and give him your weapon core(don’t be afraid when nothing happens, it’s fine, just talk to him again).

Step 2: Killing fallen SOB

Now you’ll have to go to the tangled shore and start searching for fallen servitors and captains (you need to kill five of them to get some dirty info (lost sectors mobs doesn’t count).

Step 3: Talking with fat boy

After that, go to Spider and he’ll give you a task to get you further.

Step 4: Now you are Agent 47

Go to the The empty tank lost sector and move forward until you’ll see a fallen wretch fighting a cabal doge. Kill them both and then the guy that you were looking for shows up. Waste him and step completed.

Step 5: Talk with fatzo again

Spider will thank you for such a great job and will send you on another mission.

Step 6: Grind

All you have to do is to kill 30 strong enemies (with orange health bar). Do 8 public events (doesn’t matter if it’s heroic or not) and 10 of spider bounties (all counts).

Step 7: Grave digging

Now we’ll go to the four-horn glunch (if to be more precisley, trapper’s cave lost sector) and find a grave. It will be glowing with dark ether (for this i will leave a link to a youtube video).

You get a new exotic quest for Bastion, after completing “Corridors of Time”. This particular step asks you to investigate a grave found in Trapper’s Cave. Here is the location of the grave.

Step 8: Did you missed me, kids?

Now just go and play The hollowed lair. Memento version (it’s requiers 750 lpower level, so it must be easy). Guy you’re a looking for, will be waiting for you in the boss room (in my case he was on the left side of the room). After you’ll kill him you can leave. But don’t be selfish, play till the end or some poor bastard will join this strike and will get nothing and he’ll need to play again. So be nice and kill the fanatic.

Step 9: Talk with Saint-14 for the last time

Go back to the tower and talk with Saint-14. He’ll repair the gun and you are gonna get your bastino.

Some Info about This Gun

First, it’s one of kind fusion rifle in primary slot. Second, it looks good and sounds good. Third, it’s pretty nice about dps (i think we can argue about that, but it’s in primary slot and use less ammo then Idzanagi, test in tribute hall, look for yourself).

Bastion Exotic Fusion Riffle

Weapons stats:

  • Impact: 80
  • Range: 33
  • Stability: 52
  • Handling: 34
  • Reload Speed: 32
  • Charge Time: 740
  • Magazine: 5


I’ll write about only exotic perks, rest you can check by yourself.

  • Saint’s fists: Charge to fire 3 spreads of Kinetic slugs.
  • Breakthrough: A portion of this weapon’s damage bypasses elemental shields (that’s pretty nice for PvP).

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  1. Saint-14 just didn’t give me the quest after I gave him the core of the weapon to solve it talk to him again, thanks for the great guide

  2. game the prick the core too, and did nothing, and yes talked to him several times, and still nothing… 3 hours it takes to do all the lost time codes ( solo )

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