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Temtem - Starters Overview Guide

Written by Astrial-   /   Jan 22, 2020    

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This guide is for those who do not know which starter to pick.

Guide to Starters Overview

The Basics

Firstly i have to mention that you have a chance to capture the other starters later on, so the decision does not make a huge impact altough this might help you pick the correct one first so you don't have to change your decision.

The starters are as follows:

  • Crystle
  • Smazee
  • Houchic

Note: Crystle is the only starter that can be captured at the moment. You might want to choose one of the other 2 if you're playing the alpha.


This is the tank of the starters. Altough, its tanky it is also very balanced for a tank.

This starter is a crystal type Temtem. This means it’s resistant to electric, mental and toxic attacks. It is weak to fire, earth and melee types.

There are no crystal Temtem to catch on the starting island of Deniz, so picking Crystle will add a valuable type to your squad earlier than other starters.


  • Defense - 69
  • SP defense - 42
  • HP - 60
  • Attack - 61
  • Speed - 33
  • SP attack - 46
  • Stamina - 41

So it has great defense, attack and hp but suffers from speed so don't expect it to hit first like many other tanks in games like this. Remember that move priority is a new feature that makes some moves hit first no matter what as long as noone else uses that same move priority group.

Crystle evolves at level 30 which is the slowest of the starters by a small amount.

With the first dojo’s (the game’s version of Pokémon gyms) theme being water and flying type Temtem, nothing will be a massive threat to Crystle starting out.


Your second option when picking a starter is Smazee, a small orange monkey who is the most balanced of the three Temtem. If you want a Temtem that can deal out some major sustain damage, this is the one for you.

Smazee is a melee type Temtem and resistant to melee attacks, but weak to mental and digital techniques.


  • HP - 49
  • Speed - 66
  • SP attack - 37
  • SP defense - 37
  • Defense - 44
  • Attack - 69
  • Stamina - 55

So its strenghts lie in its fast and hard hitting attacks with a big stamina pool and alot of low cost techniques.

Smazee evolves at level 29.

The first dojo on Deniz does have a few melee type Temtems, so occasionally Smazee won’t be super effective. However, these instances are few and far between – and the dojo leader has no such Temtem in her squad.


This starter is a mental type Temtem. This means it’s resistant against neutral and melee attacks. However, it’s also vulnerable to electric, digital and crystal techniques.


  • HP - 38
  • Speed - 66
  • SP attack - 72
  • SP defense - 62
  • Defense - 41
  • Attack - 40
  • Stamina - 44

So its strenght definitely lies in its super high sp attack stat and speed. While it some ways lack in other stats it is a super hard hitter. Also to note it has the highest SP defense of the starters so it's slightly tanky towards SP attack. It learns the strongest moves out of the starters so if you want a hard burst pick this one.

It evolves at level 29. Same as Smazee.

In the first dojo, you’ll not find many problematic matchups for Houchic, but you’re not going to have any great ones either. This is because of the dojo’s wind and water type focus which is neither good nor bad for mental types. However, the dojo leader does use Sparzy, which will be a big problem for Houchic due to it being an electric type. So pick up something along the way to counter Sparzy. The other starter Temtem everyone obtains evolves into a crystal temtem which counters electric or find a melee temtem.

Ending Words

No matter which one you pick it doesn't really matter, some will have an advantage at the first dojo but it is double battles and picking up almost any other temtem along the way grants you a good chance to defeat the first dojo. Alos as previously mentioned you can capture all of the starters later so if you find out you didn't like one just pick up another one later or just don't use one at all.

Written by Astrial-.

Game:   Temtem