Dark Souls 3 – How to Defeat Lord of Cinder: Yhorm the Giant (Boss Guide)

The character level for this fight: 59 (Knight). The weapon for this fight: Storm Ruler Sword (the one found in the boss fight room by Yhorm’s throne).

He is the 10th boss in Dark Souls 3. You need the sword Storm Ruler for this fight. It can be found in the same room when you fight with the boss, near his throne. You have to hold it with the both hands and use the special powerful attack pressing L2 (PS 4)/LT (XB 1). Besides that you have to equip the sword otherwise you will die. You should try to attack him from behind and it’s better for you to stand right between his legs. You are able to attack with normal weapon but it will not do heavy damage and the fight can be dragged for much time.

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