Temtem – How to Get Pendant (First Side Quest on the Beach)

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This guide explains how to find pendant in first side quest on the beach.

How and Where to Find

Warning! You probably will get the quest before you have the item you need to get to the pendant’s location.

Where to Find Pendant

It is on the other side of the river, which you can cross once you have a surfboard.

How to Get The Surfboard

The surfboard item obtained by beating the first dojo in Arissola.

Completing Quest

  1. Talk to Clara located at the western beach of Zadar. She lost her Pendant, and you’ll need to find it. Head north towards Briҫal de Mar.
  2. Once there, head north west from Briҫal de Mar’s western beach.
  3. You will find the Lost Pendant on a small shipwrecked beach to the west of the pier. Return to Clara.

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