Temtem – How to Evolve Temtem

This guide explain special game mechanic in Temtem which called Evolve.

Evolving Temtem Guide


Temtem evolve from one species into another that’s part of the evolutionary line. This mechanic isn’t anything new — Pokemon fans are quite familiar with evolving creatures — but it’s based on one key difference that sets Temtem apart from others. This guide will break down everything you need to know about Temtem evolution.

Here’s How to Evolve Temtem

  • Temtem do not evolve at a specific level. Instead, they evolve after the Temtem has leveled up a specific number of times.
  • Example: Crystle does not evolve at level 29 but if you have a level 1 Crystle, it will evolve at level 29 because for Crystle to evolve, it must level up 28 times. Every Temtem follows this rule and it’s important to keep that in mind.
  • Just because you see an evolved Temtem at a certain level, don’t assume that’s the level necessary for its evolution. it all depends on how many times that Temtem has leveled up.

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