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Awesomenauts - How to Get Creeper-Clunk

Jun 8, 2017    
Awesomenauts - How to Get Creeper-Clunk


Creeper-Clunk is a pretty old skin. Back in the day's, when Awesomenauts was pay-to-play, everyone has it. But now it's free and many new players get to play this great game. And since that, you rarely see Creeper-Clunk in a game. But no problem, that's why I'm here! :)

How to Get It?

That's pretty simple. Just add me. So.. is this everything? Well, kinda! :)

Then just wait until I accept you. After that, just tell me why you added me, and I'll make a custom room and invite you. Then you just need to kill me. After you got it, you can just delete me, so I can always accept and help people. That's everything. Simple, right? :D

What Do I Want For It?

You may ask yourself, what does this dude want for such a cool skin?

Well.. nothing. Just be happy with it and smile. Because every smile make the world a bit better! :)

Written by Just Dust.

Game:   Awesomenauts