Ratropolis – Fast Torment Win Guide

Featuring a fast and safe win with Duckling Knight and Movement Speed scaling, a typical torment run should take no longer than 1 hour.

Guide to Win Fast Torment 


The most common torment win conditions are:

  • Barrack spam, training the same card for thousands of times. Notable downsides are training requires hours of gameplay, and scales poorly post-wave-120 because of being forced to take -50% military stat nightmare event for the second time.
  • Reuse arm combo, taking advantage of the card [Re-use] to quickly apply the effect of [Arm] thousands of time. Notable downsides being its slow reload nature leads to poor scaling against the events that forces military units removal.

Deck Setup & Tips

The pre wave-30 gameplay is identical as any other playstyle.


Merchant is strongly recommended because of the easiest money income. Though, you are welcomed to bring any infinite money income and play with other classes. Since we are aiming for a fast win we are prioritizing something that doesn’t require a setup (eg: Mining) or time to manage (eg: Altar + investment).

Map choice

I have only tested in the dessert, but forest works fine. It is advised to avoid the coast since bosses may stay alive across waves, which means boss skills such as destroying buildings may be devastating to this playstyle.

Difficulty doesn’t matter, though hard is preferred because of the -10s wave period modifier. Rocks could be removed by demolish so they do not matter.

Survive by any means. Ramp up your own infinite gold generator, and get buildings production time reduction cards to setup market spam.

For the nightmare starter bonus (age of exploration), pick the +4 expansion bonus.

Assuming that you may get any card thanks to market, here are the end game cards you should aim for:

  • Labor Command: For production speedup.
  • Re-use x 2 / 3: For spamming labor command quickly, and effectively setting all buildings’ production time to 0.
  • Duckling Knight: Our late game dps choice. Keep in mind that our heroes’ attack speed also scales with movement speed, and our enemies could not scratch them if they run fast enough.
  • Shoe Market: Passively buffs our heroes. Lay down as many of them as you can.
  • March: Actively buffs our heroes. In fact, you could easily survive pre-30 with duckling + march alone, and pre-60 with re-use spam + march alone.
  • Tavern & Smithy & Monastery: Deck management tools. Not necessary because of how infrequent you will need them after your deck has consolidate and you may get these effects from just buying new cards / chest rewards, but still nice to have given that production time is not an issue.
  • Barrack: A few barrack buffs are good enough, you don’t need to power-lv the knights though. 100 ATK duckling knights are an overkill.
  • University: Pick this as part of your gold generator if you are relying on merchant’s infinite gold generator to anticipate the leader skill CD +100% event.
  • Overturn: Any infinite card mechanism works fine as long as they don’t take up physical space for shoe markets.
  • Warren: Any infinite rat generator works fine, though be reminded that the generator need to refill faster than usual as public bathrooms are not built.

Post-120 card choice

  • Public baths: OK. You do need some time for regenerating gold and ratizens.
  • Storm spirits / Fire spirits: Theoretically they scale better than march, but requires much more effort to maintain.


  • You don’t need to deploy all your ratizens at once. In fact, deploying just a dozen on each side is more than enough, and more than that shall work against you, as the chance of enemies hitting the knight increases.
  • While having just a dozen of knights is good enough to stay alive, be careful and never drop it to zero because of the nightmare events.
  • Though the high-speed knights could dodge a few dozens of enemies simultaneously, you should still use march sometimes to burst through and clear the enemies.
  • Most of your time is spent on managing warren + repairing buildings.
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