Warframe – An Easy Guide for Maxing Out PoE Standing

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Don’t you hate having to do stupid bounties or go fishing for some ugly looking fish for hours on end just to max out on your PoE standing? Well this guide is made just for you. Learn how to make 20000+ PoE rep in just 5-8 mins.

Preparation Phase

Warframe and Gears

Because the target of our hunt will only spawn in night time, it’d be rather troublesome if you attract unwanted attention from Vomalyst, Grinner or the Kavats themselves. For that reason, I personally use Loki with maximum duration but you can use whatever warframes you’re comfortable with.

My Build

The only thing that is necessary for this to work is the Tranq Rifle which can be get in Fortuna for 500 standings from Business, after that just put it in your gear wheel.

There is no need for lure or anything only the Tranq rifle is good. After getting everything just wait for night time and go to PoE.

Hunting Phase

Main Targets

As soon as night start on PoE, vasca kavats will start to spawn, these are the main source of standings because of their high spawn rate along with high standing reward per kavats. As of currently we have 3 times of Vasca Kavats roaming at night which are:

Ostia Vasca Kavat

These have the lowest amount of stadings per Kavats at 500 standings per perfect capture but it’s still plenty worth it to capture them.

Bau Vasca Kavat

These Kavats worth double amount of standings compare to the Ostia kind at 1000 standings per perfect capture.

Nephil Vasca Kavat

The rarest of Kavats worth 1500 standings per perfect capture a rare find indeed.

Navigating and Capturing Targets

  • As soon as you enter PoE take out your Tranq Rifle and hold down right click.
  • If you hear a beeping sound look around, wild animals will be highlighted.

  • Move to target location, shoot it with the Tranq Rifle, one shot will be enough.

  • Continue to move around the Plain pressing right click occasionally to check for the beeping sound.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Tips and Tricks

  • Capturing a kavat without being noticed by an animal will make significantly more standings for that reason stealth frame is preferable.
  • Vasca Kavats usually spawn in a group of 2-4 if you find 1 chances are its friends are around the perimeter.

  • AOE weapons might accidentally killed an unconscious kavat when you try to remove nearby hostile, therefore a weapon with decent precision is highly recommended.

Hunting and Fishing Comparison


  • Unlike fishing you don’t need to turn in anything, the moment you capture a kavat, stadings will be given. Aside from standings you will also get tags which can be traded with Master Teasonai for floofs (stuffed animals) which can be displayed in your Orbiter.

  • You don’t need neither Baits, lures or any kind of fancy spear, for that reason this method will save you standings.
  • This strategy can only performed during the night, if for some reason you cant wait until night, fishing for Murkay is the best way to max out standing during the day.
  • Master Teasonai will constantly pester you so better mute him.

Personal Opinion

  • It’s boring staying in one spot waiting for fishes to appear, when they do hitting the small ones are a real pain in the ass.
  • You have to give up your fishes for standing, that mean no orbiter decoration, like what the heck??
  • Space Doggy will be more happy with floofs.

Therefore IMO hunting is a better method of farming standings compare to everything else.

Written by Squiddie

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