Disintegration – Basic Guide

Shorter than the tutorial, yet still informative.

Guide for Beginners

What Does Each Gang Have?

The Lost Ronin don’t believe in honor, only a battle rifle that fires in bursts. If you zoom in using Middle Mouse, it does more damage. They also have homing rockets that take a while to charge up. They have 3 grunts. The Heavy grunt uses a mortar strike. The light grunts have the stun grenades from the tutorial.

The Neon Dreams have a 80 shot, full auto chain gun and can use a chargeable beam weapon to increase DPS on certain enemies. They have 3 grunts. Their heavy grunt uses seeker missiles, while the light grunts use stun grenades.

The King’s Guard use a chargeable crossbow that sucks to use against humans in terms of damage. Against grunts though it does okay. However, the main use of this gang would be the slowdown feature. Combined with a good dps like Neon Dreams or Warhedz, they can be pretty effective. Their secondary is the healing station from the tutorial. They have 3 grunts. Their Heavy grunt calls in a mortar strike. Their light grunts however are the only grunts that can use proxy mines (that don’t really work effectively unless your playing Retrieval). If you like losing and playing solo, main this one. This one requires teamwork to be successful.

The Tech Noir use a flak cannon to pile on DPS from range. Their secondary is a lock-on healing bolt, similar to the crusaders crossbow from TF2 that can heal both grunts and players. They have 3 grunts. Their heavy grunt uses rockets, while their light grunts have a slowing field from the tutorial and a drone that can disable other player’s weapons.

The Clowns have the stickybomb launcher from TF2. That’s their only weapon. On the flip side, they are the only gang that has 4 grunts. Their Heavy has a shockwave attack that deals a lot of damage in a triangle area, while their medium drone has the ability to disable other player’s weapons. The other two have slow fields from the tutorial.

The Warhedz use a 3 shot grenade launcher and can use a bomb to deal massive amounts of damage. They only have 2 grunts. Their Heavy has a shockwave attack that deals a lot of damage in a triangle area, while their light grunt has a slowing field from the tutorial.

The Minnesotan Rap Artists use the assault rifle from the tutorial, and a 1 shot shotgun. They have 2 grunts. Their Heavy drone has rockets, while the second has the ability to disable other player’s weapons.

What Are the Gamemodes Like?


Retrieval is like a mix between 1 bomb from Halo and standard MOBA lane fights. As the defenders, you need defend two points that have 2 “core” spawners. The Attackers need to use their grunts to pick up the bomb, and walk ONE of the cores from each back to the defenders spawn to score. You can score a max of three points per round. Thankfully, you don’t need to destroy towers or anything (YET), but you need to prioritize killing the players first.

No you can’t Jungle in this game (yet).

When you pick up the core, it starts a countdown until it self-destructs in a small AOE. If you don’t get interrupted, this isn’t a issue. If your team’s grunts get destroyed however, this countdown can be very bad for you. Countdown is about 50 seconds (?) until it hits overload and then 10 seconds before reset.

If the other team doesn’t score in the first round, the first score in the second round wins.

If there’s at least one bomb in play when the time runs out, then it goes to overtime. If the attackers score, they get a minute added back to the clock. If they lose the bomb once, they lose the round.

Zone Control

It’s a basic capture point set up. Only difference being that you can only use drones to cap. Fill the bar, and you win. Killing players only keeps the grunts offline and not capping points.

0x < 1x < 2x < 3x

Mini-Grunt Use Guide

The tutorial really didn’t touch on this as deep as it could’ve so here we go.

If your grunts die, that isn’t the end of the grunts, or the game. they have a set respawn rate of 60 seconds. However, if you pick the grunts, that immediately shortens it to 10. You don’t even need to be in standard speed, you can even boosting and pick them up.

Grunts are the only people that can cap objectives.

  • The focusing power of the grunts can be used to target enemy players, not just other grunts. Combined with the 80s bikers damage amplifier, or even another teammate, this can melt even the toughest grav-bikes
  • If you die as a pilot, you take your grunts down with you. You sick bastard.
  • Heavy grunt abilities take around 60 seconds to cooldown.
  • Normal grunt abilities take around 45 seconds to cooldown.

How to Turn on PTT

If you don’t want to have a bunch of people listen to ASMR, you need to enable PPT in your options menu. Thankfully, the toggle to turn it on is on the first page under the announcer voice.

The default key for it is V.

Top Tips

  • Rebind the secondary weapon from Q to MB4 or something other than Q. It will save you a lot of miffed moments where you want to heal someone and end up trying to mortar your teammates.
  • Use Tech Noir over King’s Guard if you want to heal someone. AOE heals don’t matter if the gun is awful and you’re the size of a yacht.
  • If you like playing aggressive, Neon Dreams are a good choice.
  • If you like playing Tanky, the Warhedz are a good choice
  • If you like things like Titanfall 2’s Tone, you’ll probably like Lost Ronin


Thanks to the devs for making a public beta for this, and thanks to my teammates who didn’t yell at me while I was writing down the abilties.

Palm Tree Dreams >>>>>> everything btw.

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