The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – How to Be 100% Invisible Using Chameleon Enchantments

This is a short and concise guide on how to be 100% invisible in the game with the use of sigil stones, duplication glitches and Oblivion gates.


This is a basic and simple guide on how to be 100% invisible in the game, it’s totally unfair and most likely considered cheating but this is Oblivion so who cares? I’m writing this because I’m bored and sitting on the toilet. There will be two slightly different methods, the easy way is for those with zero dignity and the hard way is for those that don’t go outside.

Before we start.. this is under the assumption you have no conflicting mods or unofficial patches that fixes this. Oh and, if you are not new to this game then there is probably no point in reading this. Unless of course you don’t know how to be 100% invisible. Please note that the enchantment known as “invisibility” is not the same as “chameleon” in the game. Invisibility goes away when you do an action, chameleon keeps you invisible regardless. So keep that in mind, we are aiming for chameleon. Not invisibility. Chameleon is what makes us invisible regardless of what we do.

Step #1: Sigil Stones

At the end of every Oblivion gate you’ll find a spinning orb-like thing that’s listed as a sigil stone, when one is acquired and in your inventory, you’ll see it has some form of enchantment. The enchantments vary, some will suck and some will not. What we want is a sigil stone that has atleast 20% Chameleon, the percentages will vary depending on what level your character is.

There are five levels of Sigil Stone:

  • Levels 1-4: Descendant (10%)
  • Levels 5-8: Subjacent (15%)
  • Levels 9-12: Latent (20%)
  • Levels 13-16: Ascendant (25%)
  • Levels 17+: Transcendent (30%)

The most amount of armour you will need is 5 pieces, so if you are levels 1-4 and get a sigil stone with 10% chameleon, you’re only going to be 50% invisible if you enchant all 5 pieces of armour. If you are levels 5-8 and get a sigil stone with 15% chameleon, 5 pieces of armour x 15% = 75% chameleon. You get the gist. So, in order to follow this guide you’ll need to be at least levels 9-12 on your character. Anything lower than 9 and this will not work.

What if The Stone Doesn’t Have a Chameleon Enchantment?

Save your game before you take the sigil stone, when you take the stone you should go to your inventory and see its enchantments. If the stone does not have 20% chameleon or more, load up the previous save and repeat the step until you have the desired enchantment. This can be tedious and might take some time but it’s worth it.

Step #2: Acquiring More Than One Sigil Stone

So, you have your sigil stone with 20% chameleon or higher. Now what? Well, at most, you are going to need 5 of these stones with the same enchantment. That being said, there are two ways this can be done. You can either find more of these oblivion gates until you have the right amount, or you can do a duplication glitch if you have no unofficial patches installed. If you are one of the former, come back to this guide once you have all of your stones. If you are of the latter, read this next step.

To duplicate your sigil stones, you are going to have to have 2 scrolls. These can be bought in a store or found on a necromancer. Once you have 2 or more of the same scroll, select one of the spells you already have. Tab out of your inventory and throw a punch in mid-air. Just before your character lands the punch, quickly tab into your inventory and double-click on the two or more scrolls you have. Make sure to double click them. The scrolls must be selected in the “items” section and not the “magic” section. Then drop your sigil stone. If this was done correctly, you should now have two sigil stones. Repeat this step until you have, at most, 5 sigil stones. A video will be provided to better demonstrate this technique.

You do not need to use the arrow keys, you can also use your mouse.

Step #3: Enchanting

You now have all of the stones you need with at least 20% Chameleon on each one. Because they are sigil stones you will not need to go to an altar in order to enchant your armour. It doesn’t matter which armour you choose so as long as you have the full set. Leather is preferable though I believe you can also do this to standard clothing and jewellery. Name your armour something cool and there you have it. Equip all of the armour you’ve enchanted and you should be 100% invisible! You now have the ability to punch people in the face without repercussion, like what you wished you were able to do when you were bullied as a child. Have fun!

Bonus Step: Ring Of Khajiiti

There’s a quest that lets you obtain an ancient Daedric artifact known as the, “Ring Of Khajiiti”. It has 35% chameleon and even a 10% fortify speed enchantment making you quicker on your feet. However you need to be Level 10 in order to do this. Quest can be found at the Shrine of Meridia, and an offering of bonemeal, ectoplasm and mort flesh is necessary to start it. If for whatever reason you only have a 15% chameleon sigil stone, a full set of armour and this ring will make you 100% chameleon.


Can you do this with soul gems?

Yes, it’s possible with soul gems though much more tedious to do. If you do the soul gem method, you need 5 grand soul gems, access to an enchanting altar which you’ll only get through the Arcane University or the Frostcrag Spire DLC, and access to the standard chameleon spell which requires an illusion skill of at least 50. If you have access to these things then by all means do that method instead, but for new characters and beginners I find it easier to use the sigil stone method. Sigil stones do not require any altars and the chameleon enchantment can be accessed at a much lower level. Also, sigil stones do not cost anything when enchanting an item with them.

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