The Division – How to Become the Perfect Medic

With help of the Medical Wing you will be able to take care and treat sick and wounded. You should master all your medical skills as perfect as you can to upgrade this Wing. After this you will be able to provide medical care for your team players when they are injured. Doctor Jessica Kandel is the person who is responsible to unlock the wing. The following guide will help you to become a medic and show how you can use this skill mode.

The Division - How to Become the Perfect Medic

How you can become the perfect Medic

You should equip definite perks and talents to become a good Medic. Focus on electronics stat, they can power up your abilities of healing and will let you to heal more and often. You will be able to heal yourself quickly with the help of first aid. At the same time you must make sure that your stamina is on high because it’s not good for your teammates if you cannot take the hit and continue to heal them. These are the necessary modifications and skills for you as the Perfect Medic.

Defibrillator or Overdose – First Aid Skills

The first one is the devise which is able to revive your downed teammates and it gives them the portion of health. The Overdose is the second recommended mode. You will have the ability of overhealing and give you the extra health. These two modes will be useful for you in different situations and help your allies both in PvP and in PvE.

Support Station

It will be able to heal all your teammates that will be in the radius of its effect. Besides this you and your allies will not lose any ammo after reloading if you do it in radius of the Support Station. Use for this Ammo Cache Mode.

Smart Cover with the Recharger

They work excellent; it will decrease incoming damages and intensify enemies’ damage. At the same time ability of extra healing will be added. The perfect setup to be a good Medic is Smart Cover + Recharger and Support Station + Ammo Cache Mode.


Triage will give you the possibility to heal your teammate with this skill and its cooldowns will be reduced by 15 %. You should choose also the Tech Support among the talents of Tech wing. It helps to increase the Support Station duration and it will be able to use at once after its running out. You can choose the 3rd talent on your own but the Combat Medic is recommended by experienced players because it’ll help you healing your allies.

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