DiRT 4 – How to Get All Gold Medals in Joyride


Welcome to my Joyride guide.
I will be giving text tips and you’ll be able to see visually how I get the gold medals. This guide will be much more helpful for when it comes to the Smash Events.

There’s only one achievement for getting 15 Gold Medals, but perhaps if you enjoy playing and completing the game regardless of achievements and stuff and want to learn some tips… or watch me break records, then watch away! Much love to you all!

Chapter #1 – Welcome to Joyride

In this chapter you are in control of a Fiesta, it’s very easy to handle and control. A very nice car to drive. The challenges are pretty simple but the Smash Attacks can be confusing and easy to get lost. I show you the best route in the video to take on them.

Chapter #2 – Mini Mayhem!

Mini Mini Minis! Minis all around. This chapter you’re in control of minis. The older models have extreme understeer and you should always be careful in corner exits by feathering the throttle else you will easily understeer into the barrier.

I really love the new Countryman Rallycross models in the chapter and they have super fast acceleration. The Mini Countryman Rallycross is probably my favorite car up until this point.

Chapter #3 – Kit Car Time Attack

These cars are absolute monsters. They are FWD and have extreme understeer and very high revs. In automatic you will struggle, so I advise changing to manual for this chapter to save you stress from the automatic throttling.

This chapter is all competely time attacks.

Challenge 6 is extremely tough on this one. There is also a shortcut which takes you under a truck trailer with lots of time saver coins. Please don’t take this route as your spoiler cannot fit under and you will crash XD

Chapter #4 – Rear Wheel Rampage

Well, here it is… From extreme FWD to now the classy RWD. Two words – “Weight Transfer”.

You can do a lot of corners by just letting your rear end slide around and your weight carrying you with the speed. This chapter introduces a new smash attack and it can be quite confusing. Luckily I bested it in the video below.

There will be three different cars in this section, all 80s RWD bulky saloons.

The raw sound of them is glorious, I love the games audio.

Chapter #5 – RX Smash

This is where you will be tested, the games difficulty feels like it steps up and you are really going to be close with the gold times. These cars are very fast, powerful and just unlike any of the cars we have used in previous Chapters.

This chapter is completely Smash Attacks so the video for this is shorter and probably a lot more helpful when trying to figure out where to go on all the Smash Attacks.

I also recommend not flipping your car like I did in challenge 4.

Chapter #6 – Group B Special

Group B was when rally was at it’s (pike) peak. Cars were going strictly for power (over safety) and the cars in this class were simply insane. One wrong move and people would see their lives forever lost. The Lancia Delta being the most notorious.

This chapter has a nice mix of vehicles, the second challenge being the hardest due to how stable the Opel Manta 400 is. nevertheless it’s a beautiful car to drive… Well they all are and again, the sounds are really amazing to hear.

Chapter #7 – Open Wheel Showdown

Everyones favorite chapter, super light weight rear wheel drive cars…. Mmmm…. Expect to spin in the majority of corners if you over accelerate or over brake… This one is like playing with fire. You have to take these cars very easy else you’ll find your self ripping your hair out with frustration and constantly overturning corners.

Reminds me of the TVR Tuscan Speed 6 days on Project Gotham Racing 2.

I’m not a fan of these cars at all. Especially the Speedcar Xtrem… Unfortunately you have to use it in one race in the next chapter, Time Attack Masters.

Chapter #8 – Time Attack Masters

Expecting this chapter to be easier than last chapters hell proved wrong. The times step up even higher again and for these challenges you are expected to drive flat out. The only challenge I would say to take it slightly easier is the annoying Open Wheel car..

Chapter #9 – Smash Attack Masters

Chapter #10 – Joyride of Champions

Fortunately this is not as difficult as Chapter 8 and 9, although it’s still pretty on edge stuff.

Challenge 4 stay manual, keep her in first gear as much as possible. Second and third gear have sluggish acceleration.

Written by The Hidden Levels.

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