NBA 2K20 – NBA 2KTV Answers / Episode #22 (Free VC)

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Here are Episode 22’s correct answers for the interactive NBA 2K20 2KTV quiz to win free VC.

2KTV Answers for Episode 22

  1. Any Answer
  2. Dirk Nowitzki
  3. Any Answer
  4. Any Answer
  5. Turnupdefense
  6. Jazz Gaming
  7. Any Answer
  8. Any Answer
  9. Warriors Gaming Squad
  10. Any Answer
  11. Pascal Siakam
  12. Any Answer
  13. 92
  14. RJWattsTV
  15. David Robinson
  16. Dwayne Wade
  17. George Gervin
  18. Any Answer
  19. Blazer5 Gaming
  20. 32
  21. Any Answer
  22. 11th
  23. 76ers GC
  24. Turnupdefense
  25. Any Answer
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