Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! – Useful Tips and Tricks

A few tips that might help new chefs master Cook Serve Delicious 3.

Some Tips for Beginners

Menu Management

  1. Make sure you know the dishes before you buy them. When you are choosing items for the menu, right click an item and you get a window open up with the choice to practice. If you haven’t done a dish before, practice making the dish before you decide to buy the dish.
  2. Make sure to balance out your menu. It may be prompting to have dishes with very high difficulty as they tend to bring in more money, however, they also tend to be harder to make (except for the calzone which is somehow rated 5). Harder means more stages and often more hotkeys you need to memorize and thus larger margins of error.
  3. Make sure the majority of your holding station foods can be served directly without having to add finishing touches. Dishes like hamburgers may seem easy enough with not that many hotkeys and the hotkeys being easy enough to memorize, if you let them stack up, they can still cause you to make mistakes if you try to finish the whole bunch of them before they expire.

Between Stops

  1. Prioritize on SO food as opposed to HS food between stops as the special orders can occupy the prep stations when you arrive at the stops. If you aren’t done with the Holding Station food for the stop yet, you can use this window to finish them up. Since the special orders that are finished will be put in a hotbox/coldbox, their customers will wait a bit longer. If you focus on HS food instead of SO food between stops, you will be pressed to finish the special orders quickly since the HS food orders can’t come in until you deal with all the special orders.
  2. Manage your holding stations carefully. Sometimes, even with all your holding stations you may not be able to have enough of them to hold all the food required for that stop. This should be a good enough reason for you to bring along some HS optional food. Just in case the customers are running out of patience and you don’t have a holding station to spare, these food will allow you to cook them at a prep station and satisfy the customer.

During Stops

  1. Use the Ctrl (serve all) hotkey wisely. The serve all hotkey may be very satisfying to use, but if you need some time to either cook more food in the holding station or to add finishing touches to food so they can be served, go easy on them. Once you hit Ctrl, all available orders will be served which means new orders (ones you may not be prepared for) will come in. The prudent way to handle this is to finish up the orders that needs finishing before hitting the Ctrl hotkey. For example, you have 7 prep stations, you need to finish 3 burgers but there are 4 gumbos ready to be served. You should prioritize on finishing all the burgers before serving the gumbos since if you keep hitting the serve all hotkey, the gumbos will be served and you will potentially get more burgers that you have to manually finish.
  2. Customers will get extra patience bars if you have the food they want in your holding stations. There is a tip for this in the tips section of the game (6th one I believe) that tells you about it.
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