Killing Floor 2 – Basic Guide (with Tips and Tricks)

The basics of Killing Floor 2 and tips and tricks.

Starter Guide


  • Find a match – Quick online connect but hardly works.
  • Create a match – Create online or solo match.
  • Browse servers – The best way for finding servers.
  • Play solo offline – Just offline singleplayer.
  • Basic training – Tutorial.
  • News – News from steam.

Daily/weekly challenges

Complete these for vault cash for free cosmetics.



Where all your skins and crates are stored. You can spend to open them or use the free crates.


You can buy skins directly or the keys for crates for random chances.



  • Standard wave of either 4, 7 or 10.
  • Boss is always on the last wave.
  • Buy ammo and guns each round.
  • Survive the mobs.


Depends on the challenges menu on what the weekly is but if you complete all the waves you get an item.


What it sounds like you keep playing until death. Buy ammo and bosses every 5-10 waves.


You complete objectives every round.


Weird multiplayer mode like from Left 4 dead 2 where you play as the zeds.


Each class present in Killing floor 2 is designed for a differn’t role or at least a differn’t play style.

Skill tree

Each class has it’s own skill tree that unlocks in levels of 5. Max is 25 but you can prestige and keep going.

Note: Each level adds a stat boost.


Each class gains Xp from using their select class weapons. You can see what weapons are in your class by the trader.

Starting gear

Each class has their own starting gear. Some are better than others.


Every killing floor 2 official map has 10 collectables too find. These are often map themed and hidden. You get steam achievements for finding them.

Some steam achievements:


Heaps of maps in killing floor 2 as official ones. Beat them for achievements.

Custom maps

You can download custom maps from like Doom 2 and other player made maps. Just use the steam workshop or look in browser for already running matches.

Skins / Cosmetics

Already touched on this a little but a big part of the game is the skins you can get. I got this one in a free crate. They come in all different rarity and conditions.

Note: Alot of dupes.

People skins

Just like guns you can get skins and items for your people.

Trader / Dosh

A trader spawns at the end of every wave/round and gives you the ability to buy armour, weapons and upgrades for gear. Follow the blue arrow for the direction towards one.


Guns are put into class tabs but can be bought in any class without the xp gain. Also a weight limit of 15 is applied. So you can’t carry too many guns.


Currency you get from killing zeds and winning rounds. You spend these at the trader. Press ‘B’ to throw dosh at your teammates.


This game is primarily a team based one and so you should heal your teammates if needed. Give them dosh if they’re low so you both survive.


Bosses appear at the end of the game mode basically in survival. They’re quite tough in solo but become easier in co-op.

There’s about 4 bosses in Killing floor 2.

Some event exclusive ones.


  • Q – heal.
  • C – crouch.
  • Alt fire – Middle mouse.
  • T – text chat.
  • Caps lock – Voice chat.
  • V – Slap.
  • U – emote.
  • Z – Quick chat.


If you run a server or are just looking for custom maps the steam workshop is the place to be. Look around and you’ll find so many good stuff.


Difficulty makes the matches harder but raises the Xp gain each match. So take that into consideration.

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