DragonFang – Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon – Official FAQ

This guide contains most useful questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

  • Q: Is this game free to play?
  • A: DragonFang – Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon is free to play. However some items are available as in-app purchase.

  • Q: What is a login bonus?
  • A: A login bonus is a feature that delivers a present to you for logging in during the active period. The detailed content of each login bonus will be announced in event news.

  • Q: Where do I receive presents?
  • A: You can receive your present by clicking on the post box on the home screen. You can either choose a present and “Receive” it, or use the “Receive all” button to receive all your presents at once.

  • Q: I cannot find a present I have not yet “received” in my present box.
  • A: The present box can only show up to 100 presents. Receive some of the currently displayed presents and play a bit for the list to refresh. If you need to receive it right away, receive some presents and restart the game to force refresh.

  • Q: How can I buy emeralds?
  • A: You can buy emeralds from the shop on the home screen. Click on the buy button on the quantity of emeralds you want to buy. When the Steam Transaction popup window appears, please confirm the transaction content before approving it. Emeralds can be bought for money. Minors should not buy without the supervision of a parent or guardian. The emeralds you buy in shop are listed in “Emerald bought” on your emerald inventory, which you can check by hovering over the emerald icon on top of the home screen. Emeralds that you receive as bonus in emerald packs, as well as in game, are listed under “Bonus emeralds”. “Bought emeralds” and “Bonus emeralds” are identical for any feature that costs emeralds, such as summoning or revival. “Bought emeralds” will be used up first.

  • Q: I bought emeralds but I cannot see them in game.
  • A: Depending on network conditions, it can take some time for the transaction to be reflected ingame. If the transaction is still not reflected after a few minutes, try restarting your game. If this still does not resolve the problem, please contact support through Steam.

  • Q: What is an Emerald Star?
  • A: An Emerald Star allows you to do one Premium Summon, or one Special Summon. Emerald Stars can be received through login bonus or missions. You can see how many Stars you have in the Item screen. Emerald Stars are spent on the summon screen before Emeralds.

  • Q: What is a Fang?
  • A: A Fang is a magic item that seals in the strength of a monster. Drahn can take on this strength and use the monster’s soul and skill in dungeons by equipping its Fangs on the DragonFang relic sword.

  • Q: What is a Skill?
  • A: A Skill is a special power that the monster sealed in a Fang can use. Not all monsters have Skills. Attacking enemies with sword or bow will charge all equipped skills and reduce the charge counter displayed on its icon. When the counter reaches 0, the skill can be used once, at which point the counter is reset. Skills are more powerful (larger area of effect, stronger effect) when the Fang is awakened. Skills also have levels. Leveling up a skill reduces the counter to charge it.

  • Q: How do I level Skills up?
  • A: Synthesize the base Fang with Fangs that have the same Skill or a Skill Blob will provide experience towards leveling up the skill. Merging will also provide experience for the Skill.

Skill Blob, best friend of skill leveling

Each Skill has its own skill experience bar. A Skill Blob will give any Skill experience, ignoring the limit of being the same Skill. Get Skill Blobs for easier levelling up of the Skills you want.

Skill Blobs have elements too

When synthesizing with a Skill Blob, if the element of the base Fang matches the element of the Skill Blob you use, it will provide twice as much Skill experience. Make sure to match the elements for more efficient Skill levelling up.

  • Q: What is a Soul?
  • A: A Soul is a passive special power. Every Fang has one Soul. Souls will trigger automatically when their conditions are met, and provide you with various bonuses. Souls also become stronger (higher change to trigger, bigger bonuses) when the corresponding Fang is awakened.

  • Q: What are elements?
  • A: Elements define the affinities of monsters, Fangs, and equipment, and how effectively they will inflict damage. Some things also have no element, or None.

There are three elements: Fire, Water and Wood.

  • Fire is strong against Wood, but weak against Water.
  • Water is strong against Fire, but weak against Wood.
  • Wood is strong against Water, but weak against Fire.

Attacking a monster with the element it is weak again will boost your damage, while if you attack with the element it is strong against, your damage will be reduced. Likewise, monsters of the element you are weak to will damage you more, while the ones from the element you are strong to will damage you less.

Monsters and Fangs with no element are not affected.

  • Q: What is summoning?
  • A: Summoning will let you receive random Fangs. There are three different summon types: normal summon, premium summon, and special summon. A Normal summon is made using 20 dragon scales. Premium and special summons are made using either five Emeralds, or one Emerald Star. Emerald Stars will be consumed first if you have them.

Fangs received from premium or special summons are stronger than those available from normal summons.

  • Q: What is Fang synthesis?
  • A: With synthesis, you can destroy Fangs to give experience to the base Fang of your choice. First select the base Fang you want to level up, then select the material Fangs. You can select up to five material Fangs at once. You need gold to synthesize Fangs. The Fangs selected as materials are destroyed during the synthesis.

  • Q: What is merging Fangs?
  • A: When a Fang has reached the maximum level, you can perform a merge to increase that maximum.

  1. Select the merge button on the Fang menu.
  2. Select a base Fang. Only Fangs at their maximum level can be selected.
  3. Select a Fang of the same type as the base Fang as material, and add Rainbow Granblob(s)

Select Merge and the maximum level of the base Fang will be increased by 5.

You need Gold to merge Fangs. The material fang and Granblob(s) are destroyed during the merge.

  • Q: What are + status on fangs?
  • A: + status on fangs are bonuses added to the base characteristics of the fang.

You can transfer those statuses as below:

  1. Select Synthesis from the Fang menu.
  2. Select the base Fang to which you want to give the + status.
  3. Select a material fang with any + status (a +X is shown on top right of the fang icon).

Select Synthesize and the + status will be added to the base Fang.

Each status can only have a + up to 33

When synthesizing fangs with +, the Gold cost is higher than normal. Otherwise, the synthesis is the same as explained in the “What is Fang synthesis.”

  • Q: How can I recover stamina?
  • A: You regain 1 point of stamina every 5 minutes, up to your maximum. You can also recover stamina in the shop, by selecting “item” and “recover stamina.” You can recover stamina instantly by spending one emerald. This will add your maximum stamina to your current stamina. Your stamina can temporarily exceed its maximum value as a result.

  • Q: What is expanding your Fang box?
  • A: By using “Expand Fang box” you can augment the maximum number of Fangs you can keep. Expanding your Fang box costs emeralds.

  • Q: What can you do on the item screen?
  • A: You can open up the items screen by clicking on the treasure box. The Items screen lets you check the items you own, and let you use some of them.

Stamina potions and some other items can be used directly from the item screen. Click on the Use button on the item. Some items can only be used during a particular period, and will disappear once that period is over.

  • Q: What are missions?
  • A: Missions let you receive nice rewards from completing various conditions in dungeons, on Fangs, equipment, and more.

How to play missions

  • On the home screen click on the board to open the mission screen.
  • On the mission screen, all the missions you can currently accomplish are listed. You might need to scroll down to check them all.
  • On each mission you can also check out what you will receive from completing the mission, as well as hints on how to accomplish it.
  • Once a mission is cleared, it will show a clear stamp and you can click on the “Receive” button to collect the reward. The reward will be sent to your presents.

  • Q: Please tell me about the sort feature
  • A: You can select the sort criterion and if you want to sort up or down, you can also use the filters to only show Fangs that match the type you want. The “Merge” sort criterion will order Fangs by how many times they have been merged and their maximum level raised.

How to use filters

There are 2 types of filters: fang elements and fang type. Clicking on any filter button will switch between showing and hiding the fangs that match that filter.

  • Element filters are: None, Fire, Water, Wood.
  • Type filters are: Money fang, XP fangs, Merge fangs and Normal fangs
  • Money fangs: Fangs that give you much Gold when sold (Golden Rooster…)
  • XP fangs: Fangs that give much experience when synthesized (Metal Blobs…)
  • Merge fangs: Special fangs for special synthesis and merges (Plus Blob, Granblob…)
  • Normal fangs: Fang meant to be used normally, that do not match any of the above

How to sort

  • The “▲” and “▼” arrows sort in increasing and decreasing order, respectively.
  • Click on the arrow to reverse the order.

  • Q: What do the Stairs and Hand buttons mean in a dungeon?
  • A: The stairs or hand button displayed when you click on Drahn means

  • Stairs: Going up the stairs you are standing on.
  • Hand: Pick up the item you are currently standing on.

  • Q: How to use the arrows in dungeon?
  • A: Arrows can be picked up in dungeons or received from particular fangs. You can check how many arrows you have by clicking on Drahn in the dungeon. Shoot an arrow by clicking on the bow and arrow icon.

Particular Souls can make the arrow attack stronger. If you set multiple Souls, their effect will not stack. Only the strongest boost will be applied.

Some Souls will add special properties to the arrow attack. If you have multiple Fangs with such an effect, only the effect of the leftmost Fang is taken into account.

*Ex: Sniper; check the details on the Fang screen in the Soul description.

  • Q: What is the blue button on top right?
  • A: This is the “Fairy” button, clicking on it will move Drahn until he completes one of the following:

  • Picking up an item.
  • Attacking or being attacked by an enemy.
  • Reaching stairs.
  • Drahn will not use items or Skills during this action.

  • Q: Is it possible to let Drahn explore automatically?
  • A: Doing a long click on the Fairy button will start the Auto play mode, and Drahn will automatically explore the current floor. Skills and items are not used in Auto play. Clicking on the Fairy button again reverts to manual play.

Auto play can only be used in dungeons you have cleared once.

  • Q: Can the game speed be faster?
  • A: The option menu includes an option to change the game speed. There are two settings: Normal and Fast.

  • Q: What is the blue pattern that is sometimes displayed around the hero?
  • A: This is the Dragonian Force Field. It is shown when there are no obstacles around the hero. Killing monsters while the Dragonian Force Field is active gives a number of bonuses.

  • Q: What is the rainbow colored icon on Fang status?
  • A: This is the Brave gauge, which determines the strength of bonuses you get from killing monsters while the Dragonian Force Field is active. Larger numbers correspond to greater bonuses.

  • Q: What to do if the game freezes?
  • A: If the game freezes, please restart the game, or restart the PC. If the problem is not resolved, please contact user support through Steam.

  • Q: Game screen is not displayed properly/Game stops on a Loading screen.
  • A: The image data used in game are not correctly installed.

Please close the game and verify your files by right-clicking on DragonFang in your Steam library and opening the Properties window. In the Local Files tab, select Verify Integrity of Game Files… and wait for the operation to complete. You may then see the message: X files failed to validate and will be reacquired. Steam will re-download the necessary files.

Once this is complete, restart the Steam client and then restart the game.

If this does not solve your problem, please contact user support through Steam.

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