The Elder Scrolls: Legends – How to Get a Bunch of Soul Gems and Cards

In this guide I will explain how to earn soul gems and cards, using two different ways.
Hope you enjoy.

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Step #1: Getting Card Packs

There will be two options for this part:

First option – The first way to get card packs would be to play the game and complete quests to earn coins, which you can use to go into the arena to earn even more coins or you can play ranked and get the ranked rewards that you get after three wins.

After doing any of these ways you will have quite a bit of gold coins stockpiled.(This may change from the amount of times you do this or for how long you do this)The amount of coins you will have will probably buy you alot of card packs.

Now onto the second option.

Second option – This second option is a lot easier determaining on how much money you have, all you have to do is click on store at the main menu, then on packs then you click on the amount of card packs you want.

The prices and amount of card packs you will get goes in order like this:

  • Two packs cost $3.24
  • Seven packs cost $10.81
  • Fifteen packs cost $21.63 This also gets you a bonus legendary.
  • Forty packs cost $54.09 This gets you one bonus legendary and one premium legendary.
  • Sixty packs cost $72.12 This gets you one bonus legendary and two premium legendarys.

That is all for step one.

Step #2: The Fun Part

This part is pretty simple to explain I doubt anyone won’t understand this:

So in this step all you have to do is open up all the packs you have bought, it doesn’t really matter how many packs you bought or have accumulated from doing step 1, but all i can say is the more the better. Having more will increase your chances of getting cards that are rarer and will just get you a bunch of extra cards that will be used in step 3.

Step #3: Earning Soul Gems

In this step i will explain how to get a bunch of soul gems from step 1 and 2:

From using step 1 to get a bunch of coins for card packs or just straight buying the card packs, then after opening up them all you will most likely have a bunch of double up cards which you might think as useless, but i say no.

So to sacrifice all your extra cards into soul gems you simply, go to the main menu and at the bottom by your character profile picture, there should be three cards in a circle to the right of that click on them. After youve done that simply look to the bottom right and there should be a soul crystal with a zero or whatever shows there. Than there should be a card to the left of that with an eye through it, when you find this click on it.

Once youve done that there shuld be another three cards to the left of that, which if you hover over it should say soul trap all your extra card, simply click on this and click ok to soul trap all your extra cards. Then what you know you’ve got a bunch of soul gems which you can use to soul summon other cards that you don’t already have unlocked. (A legendary card or something else).

Written by FeralPhil.

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