Don’t Starve – Terrorizing Greenland Guide (and other Islands)

This guide will be documenting a Shipwrecked run, where I will be playing as Woodie. I hope to highlight the common idea that Woodie is terrible in Shipwrecked by showing off his ability to destroy the entire Arctic Archipelago. Along with helpful information and insights as to my survival strategies, I also wish to pack in this guide with some of my wit.

How to Terrorize Islands

Mods and Setup

No one plays this game vanilla! Or, at least I don’t. I’ll be using a very brief set of mods, with explanations in case you want to try them out yourself.

  • Craft Pot. Turns cooking into crafting. Streamlines the whole process for people like me who can’t remember the amount of twigs in fish sticks.
  • Geometric Placement. No one shouldn’t be using this mod. Aligns everything to a grid for you.
  • Minimap HUD. This mod gives you a nice minimap, helps reduce downtime spent gazing at the map.
  • Woodie Ignores Pinecones. This thing is great, stops werebeaver from eating all those tree babies.

I also changed a single world setting. I put prime apes on less. The worst thing is when you find a great island to base on, and then it has a prime ape on it. A single one of these can ruin your entire lifespan, so I’m making them less frequent. All other settings are vanilla.

First Island and Setting Sail

The first moments as I started were fairly standard. I gathered grass, twigs, flint, and any other goodies I found lying around (Aside from seashells). Woodie’s abilities already were being used. Inventory space is vital, and so to make up for this you can get a palm backpack. Others need to spend valuable flint to make an axe, but Woodie can get palm leaves from the get-go. No longer must you worry about wasting valuable time and flint to gather this useful backpack.

I also snagged myself a hammer. It’ll allow me to gather refined materials from bits of wreckage, and a boat repair kit which will be helpful later. I was especially pleased when I found two hog huts on this island. With a small limpet snack, I can have them participate in a friendly duel while I smash up their houses with my hammer.

Using the bamboo from those hosers’ houses, and some vines from pillaging the wildlife, I got myself a less-than-ideal raft, not to be confused with a raft. The raft is aerodynamic, as in, it is a flat rectangle. The alternative is a nearly identical raft, but made of heavy logs. If you have the flint, go with a raft and not a log raft, it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run.

With that, we’re off to the new world, in search of arctic islands to attack, on our Canadian quest to subdue the natural inhabitants to make room for me, myself, and I.

Second Island, Wasting Time

Canadians cannot swim. But with boat in-tow, we set off. Woodie isn’t fond of the wild seas and rough waters, so I decided to stick to the shallow waters for my first voyage. If you decide to go out and get carried by the waves, you’ll often find yourself lost at sea with time wasted. Unless you are Walani or Woodlegs, I’d stick to the shallow waters. After all, islands don’t like being alone. Where there is one, there is many.

I had to use Lucy to break up some chunks of ice, but we landed on our second island. After some exploring, I learned a sad truth; This island sucks. Sand everywhere, gets in your flannel. There were two of them football-skinned lads though, so I put them in the ring together. Then I killed the winner. I decided to keep the houses up, in case I ever got stuck without any pig skin.

Image taken after I left

Overall, the island was just time wasted grabbing sticks and stones. At least I had some steak afterwards.

The Canadian Gold Rush

There be gold in these islands! With the discovery of an island with gold came great joy and progression. So many things were now available; Spears, backpacks, spyglasses…

But most importantly is our new ride. Woodie can only row so long before his arms snap off. So how do we stop this? By making a rowboat of course! Grabbing some vines and either deforesting or using those planks we got from the wreckage allows us to make this handy boat. And then making a cheap sail, we no longer have to row. Also, our speed in the seas will be top notch.

With this, we went off in search of new lands to terrorize. Hopping from island to island, I found myself some more pigs, spiders, water beefalo and worst of all; Prime Apes. I don’t want to deal with them right now, but later on we’ll be employing a secret trick to get rid of these poo-flinging apes.

Let’s get touchy feely. I found myself a handy touchstone. If you whack it with Lucy, it’ll serve as a revive point. And we can smash up the pig heads for some more football skin. At this point I’ve hit a critical mass of football materials. Nothing beats hockey though.

Piracy in the North

If you find buried treasure, don’t think twice about stealing it! Woodie always believed in hospitality and being kind and whatnot~ but we’re in the arctic islands, and we need to survive. Although Lucy didn’t agree, I’ve gone and looted whatever wonderful treasures I could fine. Yellow gems, violent explosives, and plenty of processed fish!

This particular find was tucked away underneath quite the sight; A frightening skull littered with gold! I’ll be checking out the rest of this island in due time; And I have a feeling something crazy is about to go down. Say goodbye to your sanity, because the piracy has only just started.

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