Planet Coaster – How to Obtain Brightest Star In The Sky Achievement

Get the Brigthest Star In The Sky Achievement, if it doesn’t trigger as usual. This quide will help you get it in under 10 minutes

How to Gain Gold Star in Career Mode


  • If you’re anything like me, with these kind of games, you’ll probably be gunning for the 100% completion on steam, before going nuts on some of the sandbox or challenge levels.

But the gold-star achievement is bugged and doesn’t always trigger straight away.

So What’s Going On?

For some reason, the achievement doesn’t trigger, when you have the bronze and silver star. So the key is, to get the gold star before the others.

The best level, I found, is the very first level in the game: Pirate Battle. The reason for this, is that has simple goals that are easy to achieve.

But you need to be crafty for it.

1100 Peeps, 2 Rides and Marketing

As the title suggests, the key is marketing and sticking to 2 rides.

You start off with the rocktopus and the coaster.

Sell the rocktopus, straight away.

My preferred moneymaker is Ascendance.

That one always draws in massive crowds, you charge a high price and most of my parks actually have 2 of these and 2 Hyperjumps. And still the queue’s are always full.

So plop one down and give it a pretty long queue. Make sure to have a 100% queue rating.

  • I prefer to use this lamppost from the Steam-Workshop, taken from the dutch amusement-park The Efteling: Efteling Big Steel Lamppost.

Position it right and you’re guaranteed to get a 100% rating. Cheap, small and really effective!

Price it at 16,50 and speed up your park. You’ll see the cash come rolling in/


Keep an eye on your finances and guest-count.

Use the 2 tv-commercial campaigns, preferably the 2 focussed on teens and adultgroups. We’re trying to get 1100 peepz with 2 intense rides, so the kids aren’t going to help.

Make sure to uncheck the auto-renew. These campaigns are expensive and we still need to get the 15k parkbalance.

You’ll find that you’ll probably top out around 1050.

This is probably because of park rating.

So add some shops (2 will do) and a couple of big scenery items.

I used the 2 pirate shops and the massive animatronic ship with the kraken. Also used one of my favorite workshop items from the Efteling: Talking Parrot/Sprekende Papagaai.

You should hit the 1100 pretty quickly now. And that with just 2 rides!

As soon as you hit your mark, sell everything you don’t need: the shops, the 2 scenery pieces and fire one of the janitors.

You might even consider going down to the entrance and do a large selection and sell what you can.

Voilá: 15.000 and the gold star.

And if all goes well, you’re steam achievement should’ve triggered.


So, hopefully, you’ll have your achievement under 10 minutes.

This makes it a quick way to try if you can get the achievement and if it doesn’t trigger, just try it again.

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