Disgaea 2 – How to Use Geo Effect Deathblow (For Leveling and Items)

This guide will explain how to use the Geo effect Deathblow to level up and collecting Items in the Item World. It is just useful in the early beginning of the Game.

Easy Items and Levels Through Deathblow


To get Items and levels through Deathblow you have to make certain preperations.

I recommend to get the following DLC characters:

  • Gig: Can move through enemy units.
  • Ash: Good for Infinite slash.
  • Pleinair: Move +3 after attacking
  • Dark Eclair: All Specials gain Star element. Can learn Healing magic when next to a healer.

Step 1

Buy some Mint Gum from the Item shop, at least 5 should do fine.

Go to the Item world and complete Stage 10 of each Mint gum world to collect Mr. Gency’s Exits.

Step 2

Make sure to beat any Pirate in the Item world.

Save your game after collecting a treasure map from any pirate.

The Process

After completing the preperation you should have at least lvl 10+.

Now it will be time to gain some lvl and items from the item world.

Have at least 1 Mr. Gency’s Exit in your inventory, not in the warehouse!

Go to a treasure maps item world.

Check the Geo effects on the Map: Invincible and Deathblow are your best friends here.

Quit and reload if there is no Deathblow on the Geo effects.

If the conditions are met, you will have a Map with a Deathblow Geo effect, the best would be if there is Invincibility to keep your characters safe. Check the Bonus Gauge and if there is a Gate Keeper on the Map.


Everyone who stands on a Geo field with Deathblow die in 1 Hit.

So even a low lvl character can kill a lvl 255+ Character in 1 Hit.

Tricky parts

To get that 1 Hit on the enemy you should attack them from Behind, best if you perform a combo.

Another tricky thing is a Gate keeper, they do not move and you have to lift and throw it on a Deathblow field.

Bonus Gauge

The Bonus Gauge will fill with a series of combos, since your Characters are low level you can get a high score before completing a Map. So you can easily get a Bonus Gauge of 4-7 if there are enough enemies.

Items / Level

Items are depending on the treasure chests and the Bonus Gauge on the Map, if you are not comfortable with the result you can get, just reload your game and try again.

Besides of that you can gain massive EXP, a low level Character should gain about 50+ lvl with this method from just one enemy.


If you want free high tier Weapons, just make Adell to a senator and complete the Disgaea 5 weapon bills. As far as i know they are 100% approving.

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