Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – How to Complete Challenge Quest 13 (Elder Kai)

Saw lots of people saying this quest, Challenge Quest 13 from Elder Kai, was impossible. Its annoying and with a lot of whats expected hidden, but its not impossible. Was able to figure out what was going on and complete it in a couple hours.

How to Beat Challenge Quest 13


HStarted playing the game recently. Spent a several hours doing Challenge Quests and had the most trouble with Challenge Quest 13. After beating it and earning the achievement, I realized barely anyone has completed it. Then looked around and saw video guide posts, but didn’t bother watching them. If they are anything like the quest demonstrations in game then they won’t cover enough anyhow… Still, check out other guides if you want to see video demonstrations. I’m sure once you know what to look for, they’ll make sense.

The demonstration hides a bunch of useful info for it and just expects you to figure it out. Here is what I figured out so you all aren’t forced:

Debunking the Mystery

These are the important points going on behind the scenes. Once I figured these out the quest was much less frustrating.

  • Input timing sequence is very short. If you wait to long it will reset the combo input to beginning.
  • If the combo input resets your mentor refills all stamina.
  • Your mentor has 3 evasion moves during this. Can Rise Up, (leap forward), and (leap backwards) [I forget the names, but I think you learn them in saiyan saga parallel quests or advancement quests.]
  • Combos either are random or feel random. What I mean by that is when you hit your mentor then your mentor will go flying and you’ll chase after. The animation felt random to me, but could have been the angle of impact and different heights of characters. Additionally the angle your mentor will fly in after your dash feels random too.

Forward + Light Punch (X on Controller)

Ok, with all that said I had a ton of trouble with the forward + light punch (x on controller). Sounds like most everyone else did too. There are 2 things to watch out for when pulling this off:


I learned that in order for the combo to recognize I hit it I had to activate the forward + light punch while dashing forward, but before the screen changed to my standing to hit. Basically I had to fly in blind because I had no idea which way I would face when the screen changed.

If you are facing your mentor then you’ll do a charged light punch (forward + light punch), but if you are facing away from your mentor then you’ll do a back attack.

In order to pull this off try pushing forward + light punch once while you’re dashing. If you do it to early your character will just be standing there when screen changes. If you do it late enough your character will either attack behind them, do a light attack in front of them, or they’ll charge the attack up and attack in front of them. Any of those results are fine (it all depends on the angle your mentor is flying towards you after the dash). Keep at it until you have the timing down for landing the attack as early as possible.


Mentor will use an evasion move as soon as they recover to a standing position. This is the most annoying part, as it all depends on how they’re flying in. If they use it you have to start over. However if everything plays out just right you WILL hit them and continue the combo. Once I had my timing down I was able to hit about 1/10 tries.

Final Thoughts

That was the hard part. The timing of the rest of the combos is a bit random too, but no where near as hard, or repetitive to try, as figuring out how to pull off Forward + Light Punch in the combo(s).

IMO the game devs should have automated your character moving but freeze at the moment you need to press the attack button(s) one time. Then repeat doing the combo again, but leave it like it is in game. That would clue you in on when to hit the buttons and remove so much guess work.

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