Undertale – Genocide Run Guide

Please note: all credit goes to chasingchase3!

Guide explains how to do Genocide Run in Undertale.

Guide to Genocide Run

The Kill Counter

Ok lets start off with the kill counter.

  • Ruins: 20 kills & Toriel.
  • Snowdin: 16 kills & Papyrus.
  • Waterfall: 18 kills & U.T.U aka Undyne The Undying.
  • Hotlands: 40 kills & Mettaton NEO.

The Bosses Of Genocide

  • Monster Kid: You only fight him in the genocide route but he is kinda just a miniboss.
  • Undyne The Undying: Like normal undyne but faster spears and more reversed spears.
  • Mettaton NEO: The true form of Mettaton (if you wanna see a battle with mettaton neo its a fangame).
  • Sans: The hardest boss in the genocide route… But the easiest enemy?

These are the Bosses who dies instantly in the Genocide Route:

  • Toriel
  • Papyrus
  • Mettaton NEO
  • Muffet
  • Flowey
  • Asgore

How to Beat Undyne the Undying

  1. Use the sea tea in the red heart attacks (sea tea can make you go faster).
  2. Practice going into the reversed arrows then go the other way.

Well that’s all I can help you with in U.T.U.

How To Beat Sans

  1. Don’t use the item or act button often like it says (can’t keep dodging forever!).
  2. Use the burnt pan as a weapon. You will heal several more hp per item.
  3. You dont have to have any armor. His damage is 1 so there is no point.
  4. Use sea tea to go faster.
  5. Don’t use a good weapon. Stay with the burnt pan. Any weapon will kill sans no matter what.
  6. Thank sans for giving you karma (ok this step is a joke but do it if you want).

Get More Exp

You can kill Glyde, Shyren, or Snow Drake for extra exp!

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