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The basics of safe adventuring in Aldor.


These are the collections of memories from fallen mercenaries to aid new adventurers of Aldor. Only the basics are covered because adventurers may choose different styles during their dangerous lives and each adventurer should carve their own preferred strategy.

Safety Measures

Aldor is a dangerous place, filled with bandits, predators and vile creatures. Before going in an adventure, you can follow some safety procedures.

  • Sleep before any adventure (save your game).
  • Refill your waterskin in any well in town.
  • Buy some food from a merchant.
  • Stash any non-essential items in your stash in the inn.
  • After accepting a contract, read the map to understand the routes to your destination.


Combat is a necessity. There are many ways to fight. Melee, ranged, magical. However, a good outcome depends on the gear you have, the skills you use, some luck and some prudence.

  • Think ahead before engaging in battle.
  • After each battle, tend to your wounds.
  • If necessary, take a rest to recover.

Inventory Management

For the best dungeon delve possible, inventory management is very important. Every adventurer desires loot to be sold in town, but only a few will make it out of the dungeon if they are not careful.

  • Always have a filled waterskin before leaving town.
  • Always have some food before leaving town.
  • If possible, bring medical supplies with you.

Dungeon Crawling

  • Make a habit of using the Detect Traps skill.
  • Keep an eye on your statuses and tend to your maladies. If you don’t know what an icon means, hover your mouse cursor over it to get more information.

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