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Philophobia: The Fear of Love - Advance Tech Guide

Written by Mixelzpixels   /   Feb 6, 2020    

This guide is for some of the more advance/speedrun related techs that can be done in Philophobia, from Wall Jumps to Double Dashes and even the elusive Ledge Boost!

Wall Jump

As the name implies, a walljump involves using a wall to gain a second midair jump. There are 3 required components for this:

  • Jumping into the air
  • Dashing into the wall
  • Quickly crouching and then preforming your second jump.

While it doesn't matter when you attempt to initiate your dash into the wall it is important to crouch very shortly after dashing otherwise this will fail. The trick itself works because if you are able to crouch while still carrying your forward momentum from the dash, you can very briefly clip into the wall thus landing on it and allowing yourself to jump an extra time. Note that this also allows you to chain multiple wall jumps together, so long as you don't miss the small window of opportunity to jump inbetween dashes.

You can use wall on the right as a good place to practice this as preforming the tech allows you to skip the entire left side of the level. The gif at the side also provides a good demonstration of how this should look in practice.

Another good way to think of it is to press each button in sequence: Jump, Dash, Duck. Make sure that the Dash, Duck and follow-up Jump follow each other in quick succession otherwise you will most likely fall back down to the ground.

Double Dash

Double Dashing is a way to very quickly dash twice in a row before landing on the ground, it is a trick that simply involves:

  • Dashing from the ground.
  • Pressing and releasing Jump before losing your dash speed.
  • Dashing again before hitting the ground.

There really isn't much else to it, doing this allows you to retain your dash while in the air allowing for a second boost before requiring you to land back on the ground. Doing the dashes in rapid succession allows you to cover a large distance in a relatively short amount of time. Note that you also don't need to immediately use the second dash as it will be stored until you either land or use it again, this can be used in certain sections to dash into a pit and then dash out of it at the bottom.


Note that there is also a frame perfect variation that allows you to gain the height of a normal jump as well as retain a second dash in the air, this requires:

  • Dashing from the ground.
  • Pressing both Dash AND Jump on the exact same frame.

It should be noted that since this is a frame perfect trick that it can be rather frustrating to pull off even once, however it is still something that can be mastered with enough time and practice. While there are a few places you can use this trick to skip cycles or otherwise traverse large gaps they are few and far inbetween. For the most part you'll mostly only want to do the normal version of this move.

Ledge Boost

Ledge Boosting is a pixel PERFECT trick that nobody really knows why or how it happens but it does and it's unwieldy enough to be basically TAS only, it requires:

  • Jumping up to be about parallel with a ledge.
  • Dashing into the ledge at a precise level of elevation.
  • ???
  • Fairy dust or something.

Seriously it's one of those tricks that is unfortunately too difficult to pull off in any real capacity, requiring a precise angle of entry into a ledge to subsequently launch yourself into the stratosphere. It's mostly down to timing it and crossing your fingers hoping that it works.

I believe that due to how precise it is it will have TAS only applications and that's about it. The Gif on the side shows just how wonky it can be to preform. Hell you may have even accidentally preformed this on a casual playthrough and thought it was a weird once off glitch or the like. Take this as a proof that you are not insane and that you were just extremely unlucky, given the wrong place & time you are extremely liable to launch yourself into the ceiling or worse.

Written by Mixelzpixels.