No Man’s Sky – Jetpack Guide

This guide will present the basics of jetpacking all the way into full mastery, by the time you’ve finished reading and watching you’ll be on your way to joining the hallowed and elite group of jetpack enthusiasts, the Jump Packers.

The Basics

The jetpack in No Man’s sky is your basic piece of gear, you press space and you go up, press forward and space and you go up diagonally, run and space lowers the angle of your climb so you can take more distance,what you see is what you get. for information purposes, i’m running 6 S-class vendor modules and all the other modules including the jetboots

adding melee gives you a boost of speed that lets you go much further, the key presses on PC are W+Q+space and you keep W pressed to go forwards, pump the jetpack to try to keep level so you don’t arc up unless going up is what you need.

Melee Jump:

When you are unable to use melee you can still go fast using what i like to call sticky jumping, in honor of the best class in the best game ever created by the mortal known as Robin Walker.

Sticky Jump:

The key presses are W+(tap) space, keep W pressed and before you land the hop press space again and keep both buttons pressed, you will stick to the floor for half a second then shoot forwards.

Jump Packing

With the basics out of the way we can now move on to jumpacking.

The key presses are W+Q+space, release space, KEEP W+Q pressed throughout the duration of the jump and pump the space bar everytime you hit the ground to keep your height and speed.

Jump Packing:

As you can see the increase in speed and distance is RIDICULOUS! this will require practising before you can move on to the next level, find a flat space and learn how rocks, vegetation and other things affect your flight path, you WILL get frustrated and you will constanly do sudden stops.

Once you have a good handle on the timing needed to aquire maximum distance and speed it’s time to REALLY practice, head to an airless world and try to go as far as possible with the use of a single jetpack tank, my personal best is a bit over 10:00 distance from my starting point, roughly 2000 units travel distance.

Airless Jump Packing:

At this point it should become evident that you can use hills and hillocks as ramps to add more height and even more speed to your jumps, you’re ready for advanced jumping.

Advanced Jump Packing

Now we are at the point where we should be able to go massive distances in regular gravity worlds, like in the video below:

Need For Speed:

As you can see, this way of travelling is absolutely thrilling but one problem presents itself, you can only go straight like an arrow, so now the final piece needed to make Jump Packing a practical endeavour is needed, strafing.

Use your A or D keys to strafe side to side while keeping the W key fully pressed, the Q and space key only need to be applied when you feel you need it. it takes a lot of practice but eventually you’ll forgo using the exocraft and spaceship for anything shorter than an hour away by foot.

The gameplay really changed for me as a result and now i find myself stopping at peaks and valleys admiring the beauty of this game while travelling at speed.

Bringing it all Together:

Jet Skiing

I don’t have a video to display it yet but if during your jumps you should land on water, make your landing as shallow as possible so you don’t sink in the water, keep W pressed and release all buttons and you’ll be going as fast as you landed, you can change direction with no penalty as long as you don’t move your mouse too fast and as a bonus your jetpack will recharge since you’re not using it AND you can hop right back on land and keep on Jump Packing, this changes island hopping into something far more fun and interesting than the slow as molasses exocraft available to use in the water.

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