Castle Clicker – 100% Achievement Guide

A quick guide of how to get 100% achievements for the game.

How to Obtain All Achievements


The premise to Castle Clicker is very simple. There are a number of resources available to you; lumber, stone, wool, etc. Clicking will earn you those resources.

You then use those resources to construct buildings, each tier of them requiring more and more of a particular resource.

Once all the buildings are complete, you get to do it all over again!


Starting Out

  • Complete The Tutorial.
  • Pretty standard. Just play through the tutorial and you’ll get this.


  • Complete A Guild.
  • Once you build a few farms and lumber mills, you’ll be able to build your first Guild. Once you have, this achievement will be yours.


  • Build An Airship.
  • The airship will be an unlockable ship once you advance through the game.

Feeling Lucky

  • Build A Grand Casino.
  • The Casino is one of the end-level buildings available. Keep building and you’ll reach it eventually.

Chia Stone

  • Collect A Level 7 Daily Stone.
  • Once you have your daily stone, save it up for 7 days before collecting the reward.

The Cycle Continues

  • Start A New Game Plus.
  • Once you’ve built all the buildings available on a game, you’ll unlock the option to start a New Game +1.

Papers Please

  • Build A Paper Refinery
  • In your new game +1, you’ll unlock the paper refinery as one of the buildings.

Mining Alchemist

  • Use A Super Mine Stone
  • You can buy one of these with your gem stones. Just use it and you’ll get this achievement.

Master Of Time

  • Use One Of Each Time Stone
  • You can buy these with your gem stones. Once you use one of each, you’ll get this achievement.

Empire Builder

  • Reach New Game Plus 5.
  • Once you build all the buildings on a level, you can advance to the next. Simply keep building until you reach +5.

Need More Numbers

  • Perform A Progress Reset.
  • Eventually, progress will start slowing down Thankfully you have the option to give yourself a boost, at the expense of being sent back a few levels. By going to the settings on the home screen, you can access the progress reset button. Doing this will push you back a few levels, but keep all your bonuses, allowing you to build up more of them by building more guilds, etc..

This Belongs In A Museum

  • Find 10 Artifacts.
  • You can look at the artifact menu in game to see the criteria to unlock each one.

1.21 Clickawatts

  • Use The Big Red Button.
  • You get this artifact after 30 days of playing the game. Press it and the achievement is yours.


  • Reach Level 10.
  • Keep building, clicking and playing and you’ll get this achievement.


  • Reach Level 50.
  • Keep building, clicking and playing and you’ll get this achievement.


  • Reach Level 200.
  • Keep building, clicking and playing and you’ll get this achievement.

Big Numbers

  • Start A New New Game Plus.
  • I’ve seen people say they got this at New Game +60, personally, I got it at around +53. It takes a long time, but keep plugging away and you’ll get it.


This game is really simple and aside from the odd holiday-event, I wouldn’t really say it has anything special about it.

It’s a time waster for a little bit, there are definitely better idle and clicker games out there and if you’re going for achievements then this one requires a lot of time for 100%.

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