PUBG – All About Parachuting

As we all know in battlegrounds your life often depends on that how fast you can get your hands on guns.
So if that is so important I decided to measure which way is the fastest to travel at the beginning of the game.

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All About Parachuting


First I will give you very basic explanation of in-game HUD so we are all on the same page 🙂

PUBG - All About Parachuting

Most of you probably figured out that going face down from the plane then holding strafe + forward when your parachute pops (to avoid speed loss) and after that forward till you will land is the fastest way to get down.

Things are getting a bit more complicated when we want to travel further like 2 or 3kms away from the plane.
After hours and hours of trying different ways and speeds, I came to the conclusion.

Altho we will have to split parachuting to 4 different techniques.

1ST Technique Flying 1KM Forward Till Auto-pull

At the being of the first technique, we need to travel forward by looking up at the horizon and try to get as far as you can before auto-pull of your parachute will kick-in (900m – 1.2km is the max you can do). The distance which you will travel after chute is open depends on the speed which you are willing to maintain.

There is a chart with my results:

  • Speed – Distance – Time
  • 20+km/h – 1,40km – 1m 25sec
  • 40+km/h – 1,55km – 1m 09sec
  • 50+km/h – 1,50km – 1m 00sec
  • 60+km/h – 1,30km – 0m 58sec

2ND Technique Opening Parachute ASAP

2nd Technique is all about flying forward and pulling your parachute out as soon as we can. After that maintaining correct speed will give us humongous differences in results.

There is a chart with my results:

  • Speed – Distance – Time
  • 20+km/h – 2,90km – 3m 33sec
  • 30+km/h – 2,30km – 2m 35sec
  • 40+km/h – 1,90km – 2m 02sec
  • 50+km/h – 1,65km – 1m 37sec
  • 60+km/h – 1,30km – 1m 24sec

3RD Technique Parachute Right Down and Drive with Vehicle

I also measured approx time which takes if we would parachute down to the vehicle and try to drive 2kms. This way we can compare it will long distance parachuting and know which way is faster.

That’s what I discovered:

  • Vehicle – Distance – Time
  • UAZ – 2km – 2m 17sec
  • Buggy – 2km – 2m 14sec
  • Dacia – 2km – 2m 02sec
  • Bike – 2km – 1m 51sec
  • SuperBike – 2km – 1m 44sec

Ofc bikes are the fastest and actually will beat anyone on parachute and Dacia will get you there in about the same time.

Keep in mind tho that all of that measurements were done with perfect driving and on a kinda flat surface.

4TH Technque Flying 1KM & Driving 1KM

There is one more way of doing it even faster which is flying 1km away from the plane and then landing on the vehicle, driving 1km. This one requires a good knowledge of map and spawns but if you will do it and get lucky enough to have a vehicle around you will get there in unbeatable time.

  • Vehicle – Distance – Time
  • UAZ – 2km – 1m 53sec
  • Buggy – 2km – 1m 51sec
  • Dacia – 2km – 1m 44sec
  • Bike – 2km – 1m 39sec
  • SuperBike – 2km – 1m 30sec

Every single type of the car will be faster then parachute meaning that this is the fastest way of getting on 2km+ distance. ofc you need to keep in mind that cars will not spawn always in same places and sometimes you can end up no car or you can simply crush in the middle of the way or you will have to drive up the hill which will slow you down. so even tho parachutes are not the fastest, they are for sure the safest.

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