Bloody Spell – Achieving Stable Multiplayer Experience Guide (Sister Protect Mode)

How to Achieve Stable Multiplayer Experience


There’s only one multiplayer mode avaiable today in Bloody Spell, which is called Sister Protect. Completing this mode is being rewarded with random set of items, which are included in some official DLC’s. This guide is going to be a list of things you have to check before going to multiplayer mode alone or with your friend, so your experience would be more stable.

There’s been some discussions, when people were just thrown in the main menu during the multiplayer game without any warning or anything. What caused the reason of it?


  1. Make sure, that you’re playing in windowed mode (simply do in-game combination of Alt+Enter keyboard buttons).
  2. Also make sure, that you don’t Alt+Tab or use any other programms intensely in any risk of losing packets.

Mandatory Things to Do

  1. Make sure, that you don’t download anything, so your internet bandwith would be more free and all packets from your side will be delivered succesfully, so you can receive packets and process them the same way. Game would not reconnect you if you lose connection, so you would have to start all over again.
  2. Before you start your multiplayer game, make sure the server you’re gonna playing on doesn’t experiencing any packets loss issues (which doesn’t depend on your connection, overload and etc).

I will leave below in the guide IP addresses of the servers, so you could check your ping and packets sending/receiving stability.

Servers IP List

  • BJ1 –
  • BJ2 –
  • HZ1 –
  • SH1 –
  • SH2 –
  • SZ1 –

Ping & Server Theory

I won’t leave any recommendations, because there’s simply no best server in the long run, so you gotta check them all.

Another thing to mention, is that in-game ping doesn’t correspond to the real ping to the server. Real ping values are multiplied by 3 and are shown in the game.

For example: if your in-game ping shown is 690ms, divide it by 3 (690/3=230). 230 ms is your real ping to the server. I really don’t know the cause of that…

Checking Servers Stability

So to check stability of the servers, you have to open up Command Prompt (do Win+R combination and type cmd) and simply type in the following form:

ping ip.server.string -n 15

“n” corresponds to number of packets you want to choose at one run.

Ideal situation, if you will have 0 packets lost out of 15.

But by my experiments, there’s been like 2 or 3 packet losses, even 5, so you just gotta do that things few times to be sure in it.

Servers packet losses and ping difference can vary by the time of day, for example if at the middle of the day there were packet losses, in the evening it could be perfectly stable.

Of course, if it’s possible choose lowest ping server with most stability, but remember, that stability is more important, than ping.

Stability > Ping

Also, the person who hosts the game first, kinda has better ping, as if he’s playing singleplayer, but the one who connects experiences real ping lags. But really it’s kind of strange, because they’re anyways connected to the exact same server.

Note: although, it can benefit from wave 26 to 28, since those mobs more easier to kill with ping, than without.

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