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Stoneshard - Making Multiple Saves

Written by 10101001010100011010   /   Feb 12, 2020    

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This is a guide on how to run multiple characters at once in Stoneshard. Now as you might've heard, currently to play a new character you'd have to rewrite your old one, however with some really simple moving of folders you can back up your saves with ease.

Storing Your Original Save

To start we'll want your original save to be kept save, to do this is easy; you simply need to take this folder in Users/Your User/AppData/Local/ and hit ctrl+c to copy it.

After that navigate to wherever you want to store it and hit ctrl+v to paste it in. If you would like to, you can also change it's name so you know what save it is.

After this is done, you can just open the game and start a new play through until you want to go back to your old character.

Revisiting Your Old Save

Once you'd like to go back to your last run if that may be the case, then all you need to do is repeat the steps in part one and make sure you don't overwrite your old game. This is why naming the other save something else makes it easier. Once you've backed up your current save you can proceed with returning to your old one simply by moving the file back and if you had renamed it, setting the name of your file to StoneShard.

And that's all there is to it. It's pretty simple, only needing to move a few folders. I'd like to add before ending that you should realize this is still an EA title so through the future updates your character's saves might start breaking if they're especially old so saving a character from now until release isn't something you'll get to do, but other than that; have fun!

Game:   Stoneshard