Black Desert Online – How to Start Your Work Empire

In this guide, I will talk about the steps to set up your basic work empire.
From here, it’s just exploring the game, upgrading your workers, leveling them up and looking for what will earn you the most money.
I hope this will help you in your journey.

Disclaimer: Workers don’t work when you’re offline!

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Step #1: Connecting Nodes

To connect nodes, go to the node manager of the nodes you want workers at (You can see what your workers can do on the map and selecting the nodes). Talk with the node manager and go to “Node management” to open the map. At the left-top corner you’ll see “Invest in node”. Press this and you’ve connected a city to a node.
You need to connect all previous nodes, you can check this on the map, you’ll see a white line between a city and a node its connected with.

Step #2: Buying Lodgings

As you can only have 1 free worker per city, you’ll need to buy some lodgings, you can do this by going to the map and selecting a city. If you click on a building which has lodgings, select them and buy that lodging.

Step #3: Hiring Workers

You’ll need workers to do the work, you can buy those at the Work Supervisor. There is a marketplace for great workers, but also a normal market for cheap and unexperienced workers.
The better the worker, the faster the work.

Step #4: Assigning Workers

To assign a worker, go to your map and click on the node you want a worker to work at, you will see an icon within that node on what job a worker can perform there.
Simply press one of those jobs (Most nodes have only 1 job, but some have 2-3). Then select the worker you want to assign and select the amount of work you want your worker to perform.

Worker Types

There are three types of workers:

  • Goblins
    Goblins are the fastest workers, they require a lot of beer so there is more to maintain on your goblin workers, but for a quick pay, goblins are the best to go for.
  • Humans
    Humans are regular workers, they require a normal maintenance.
    However, humans are great at finding rare items, so if you’re collecting resources, be sure to put your human workers at the spot that has the most rare items.
  • Giants
    Giants are slow workers, they require little maintenance as their slow work consumes a tiny amount of stamina. They are best for if you’re going AFK for a long time.

Worker grades:

  • Grey workers (Worst workers)
  • Green workers (Bad workers)
  • Blue workers (Regular workers)
  • Yellow workers (Good workers)
  • Orange workers (Best workers)

Step #5: Feeding Workers

You’ll need beer to feed workers, you can cook them with:

  • 5 Corn, Wheat, Potatos or Barley
  • 2 Leavening Agents
  • 1 Sugar
  • 6 Mineral Water

You can also buy them at the marketplace.
Open your menu (Escape) and select the Workers menu. You can feed your workers here.

Step #6: Collecting Work Resources

Resources are automatically stored in the storage where your workers live.

Providing Materials

If you’ve assigned a worker in a workshop, you need to put the resources in your storage. You can assign a worker to work in the workshop by going to your map > the city > the building > the workshop > assign work.

Written by GewoonRobbie.

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