LUNA The Shadow Dust – 100% Achievements Guide and Full Walkthrough

This guide will try to help you if you stuck on any puzzle and need solutions or you missed an achievement and you don’t know how to get it.


Game Completion time: 4-6 hours without using hints, it might take a bit more for some. You can replay levels after completing the game, so you can get missed achievements easily.

Video Walkthrough

This video is made while I replayed the game, no a first time longplay where you need watch half hour long “trying” of a level until you can see the solution of puzzles or the level.

Achievements in Chronological Order

Entering the Tower
Enter the tower

Storyline related achievement, earned automatically once you enter the tower.

The Moon Guardians
Reveal all four paintings

Storyline related achievement, you can’t progress through the first room if you not uncover all 4 paintings.

Are You Lost?
Go through doors over 20 times in the Moon Painting Room

Follow the Rabbit
Complete the Moon Painting Room with no mistakes

You can see moon phases at green circle. Now check the four pantings at the marked area (orange).

Look for the same moon phase on the picture. Now check which door the rabbit facing. Go through that door. Restart if you fail once for “follow the rabbit”. Go through on doors, so on wrong ones 20 times in a single try for the “are you lost?”

We’re a Team Now
Üri met Layh

Storyline related achievement.

Not This Way
Send Layh through the tube

Move Layh to the top of the basket, which is full with apples. (yellow circle). Fill up the machine, so the liquid level meter shows that it is full (red circle). Set the pipeline back to the way it is shown on picture with the valve (green circles). Use the blue marked lever to get the achievement.

Master Chef
Experienced all food cooking combinations

Now this is an annoying achievement. As you can easily return to chapters/room i suggest to you to not bother with this on your first, regular playthrough, it would just ruin the fun.

For this, use the following foods on the rat, then use the rat on the tree which block the door. Make sure you push the rat as far as you can, right next to the tree else it might be out of range when Layh jumping on the head of the rat. And now the foods, follow this order/route to get the achievement:

Important: EVERY SINGLE time you use the rat on the tree, the tree need to change or have some visual effect/reaction to it. If there wasnt any the rat wasn’t enough close!

  • 01. Mushroom
  • 02. Fish
  • 03. Fish
  • 04. Mushroom
  • 05. Fish
  • 06. Mushroom
  • 07. Fish
  • 08. Fish
  • 09. Fish
  • 10. Pepper
  • 11. Pepper
  • 12. Mushroom
  • 13. Fish
  • 14. Pepper
  • 15. Fish
  • 16. Fish
  • 17. Fish
  • 18. Pepper
  • 19. Fish
  • 20. Fish
  • 21. Fish
  • 22. Fish
  • 23. Pepper
  • 24. Fish
  • 25. Mushroom

Gratz, you should have unlocked Master Chef, it did for me:-)

Group Performance
Finish listening to the whole performance

Once you solve the piano room and start the concert, dont leave the room until the cloned army of Layh not vanishing, just like on the video around: 19:20-19:30.

Shadow Ninja
Reach the exit in shadow form without dropping once

Solve the shadow “platformer” room perfectly while Layh not getting caught by the bird or not running to a cactus. I met the conditions on the video, check this room at the following timestamps: 19:45-20:40.

Bounce on the bed over 20 times

In the room with the 2 mice and the cheese you can find a bed. Just use it with Layh 20 times. Its the room which in the video from 23:25-25:50.

Childhood Memory
Master and I

Storyline achievement.

A Way Back
Travel back to the tower

Storyline achievement.

Üri reunited with Layh

Storyline achievement.

A Sacred Place
Discover the hidden island

Once you reunited with Layh, instead climbing the last ladder which is located next to the ship, enter the ship both with Layh and Üri. Once there:

Enter the other ship with Üri, go back to the 3 small islands and set back the gems to the blue ones. (red arrow). Once you back enter the machine with Layh (blue arrows). Once inside, use the pedal (green marked area).

Now you can use the ship with Üri (yellow circle), leaving Layh behind, which will get you to the hidden island. Once you there:

Use the gem (marked with green circle) Achievement unlocks once it used. Doing so and finishing the game from here might lead to The New Apprentice achievement. Unconfirmed, just my theory, working on this one now.

Triggered stone form for both characters

Storyline achievement, i doubt it is possible to solve seasons level without making both characters to be stoned.

Bee Keeper
Release the bee in all four seasons

This achievement was bugged, but a patch on 20/02/20 fixed the achievement. Just release the bee in each of the season. It is part of the playthrough to release it once, at the spring (yellow gem) zone, the same way release it in each other season.

Water the tree over 20 times

It is part of the storyline to water the tree. Once done it the first time, don’t stop and keep doing it using the well until you get the achievement.

Select the wrong book

Just select the wrong book (green circled area) once. Only one is right and you need to choose books 4 times, so pretty easy achievement.

Time Travel Paradox
Travel back to the room

Once you arrive to the room with the hourglass use it to change time to the past. Never change it back to present until you get the achievement, this means you can’t reveal the combination with Layh by removing the tapestry at the bed, but the combination is always the same and you can see it on the picture here. Once set it to past follow the girl, solve the combination to pull down the ladder.

Move Layh to the ladder too and use it with both character, don’t change character while they climbing the ladder, wait for the screenchange animation.

Hint in the Dark
Complete the dark wheel jigsaw

Once you completed the wheel jigsaw which is required for the story progression complete it to back the original, dark one:

The picture just show the puzzle, not the solutions, you can see that when Layh entering the room. How to set it back? The dark wheel jigsaw visible when the door is opened by Üri. However, if you open it while the big red button in the middle was used and was selected any of the circle to be locked, then it will be locked too, while the door open. This way you can rebuild the original picture of the dark wheel jigsaw.

Patient Climber
Reach the top of the ladder without slipping once

Right before the top of the tower you need to climb a long ladder while Layh is on your back. The wind, which is coming randomly will push you back a bit, if you try to climb while that wind is active. It is easy to detect when that wind is happening as the protagonist turning its head to the right side. Once the wind is over progress fast 3 times, then stop. When you see it is getting close, and the wind start now too fast after the 3rd movement, then reduce it to 2, else you will fail. I met the conditions on the video, watch it at: 1:08:42-1:12:33

The Sacrifice
To light a candle is to cast a shadow

Storyline achievement, at the end of the game.

Layh dropped over 30 times during the game

I would call this as a storyline achievement because you will get 30 easily by playing the game. If not, then replay the room where you can get Shadow ninja achievement and keep failing there.

The New Apprentice
Met the new apprentice

Once done the “A sacred Place” achievement either finish the game from there (you need return to free Layh from the machine to be able to progress, by setting back the lever and turning the gems back from blue to orange) or select the last level and redo it (not sure it working, i finished the game from the point where the achievement was unlocked, however you can’t change the door later, so not sure need to replay until end from there required). Now when finishing the very last level this achievement will unlock once the new cinematic starts. Don’t panic, it will start after the credits.

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