Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Leveling Guide (How to Level)

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This is a leveling guide to help get you through the game. This was done in offline mode, so it is made for single player.

Guide to Leveling


I started as a duel wielding rogue dashing in and out, striving to progress and finally got stuck at the beggining act 3 boss. The DPS wasn’t there, and the dps is only there if you go 2h (and maybe use a shield or do some ailment thing). Duel wielding wasn’t the answer, and after spending everything I had I made up the perfect spin to win method that doubled my leveling speed after it was discovered.


Who cares. Get a 2h and go bruiser gear. Adjust what you need, but this is a leveling and not endgame build.



This skill is for movement and all sub points do not matter much.

Flight of Gaavanir

This skill is for big damage if you cannot touch your target and are not shouting.

Wings of Ishmar

This skill is for movement, but also rage generation. It is the best mobility spell you have.

  • For sub points, get flight speed and rage generation. Everything else is unimportant.

Sovereign Shout

Very important to use whenever possible or whenever you are not spinning.

  • The 2 primary skills are health globes and buff duration/effectiveness. You should also get resistances, crit hit, and rage gen if possible.


This is your main ability and should be your right mouse button. It is spin to win, and is amazing. Move in a circle around whoever you are fighting and due to the wind ups and telegraphing you should never be hit. If you have all the sub points put in properly and keep getting an influx of enemies to fight, you will never run out of rage or have to stop spinning. The movement while dealing damage is part of what makes this ability so good. That and always getting health globes really helps.

Rage generation, reduce rage cost, hold to prolong, enemies spawn health globes, and crit damage.

Stat Distribution

  • 1st. Ferocity. 5 points per level.
  • 2nd Toughness. 3 points per level.
  • 3rd agility. 2 points per level. You can ignore agi and give 1 more point to ferocity/toughness if you desire though.

Gates of Fate

  1. Go for soldier the wild Card. You will need the crit chance very soon.
  2. Go for Assassin Merciless Lethality for damage.
  3. Go for Sentinel Backline Raider. This will make your attacks to generate rage not take forever and a viable option for when you need rage.
  4. Get Warmonger God Among us for more damage.
  5. Get Warmonger Feast for the Crows to help your sustain along with tearer of flesh. It also sets up the next part.
  6. Alastor Static Transferal. This skill is weird at first, but if you attack once with auto attack the next skill deals double damage. Just do 1 hit and then go into bladestorm for double damage.
  7. Alastor Intravenous Neural Card. This skill just gives you the option to build rage quickly and lets you get 1-2 hits off (which is half your rage) when you need to.
  8. The last passive to get is Soldier Second Wind. It keeps you alive and is awesome.

Beyond this, I honestly have no idea. This will get you to 45, but I am having trouble finding what else to get that is worth it. I would love your input past this point.


When you start an area shout, jump, and do a basic charge with maybe a second attack. If you attack twice you will have max rage. From there spin to win and repeat the process. The fact that a basic attack gives you 1/4-1/5 of your rage is ridiculous. Couple this with the ability to shout and jump to generate rage and you should have no problem generating rage. In addition to this, the spin will never stop if there are enough enemies. You generate rage with how much you are hit and how many enemies you hit. So if there are enough, you will never stop spinning.

For survivability, keep moving. Your shout/spin will generate enough health orbs to keep you going. Don’t be stupid and get caught in an ability. You should still survive most abilities, but you are able to constantly move. You should never be hit by a boss, and most minions won’t matter due to life leach and health orbs.


For bosses you will spin around and try to bring in some minions when possible. You want there to be minions so that you will never stop your spinning. If you do stop, re-adjust, hit the boss 1-2x, shout if you can, jump in to generate more rage, and start the 10 seconds of spinning. Rinse and repeat.

That is really all. Bladestorm is amazing and when you get a 2h weapon it is the most damaging skill that any melee damage build can get. This build maximizes the potential of bladestorm and is great for clearing when you hit stormfall or facing any boss.

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