Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Plague Assassin Build

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This guide will show a high mobility poison spreading monster of a build.

Guide to Plague Assassin Build


Stats per level: 2 Toughness 8 Wisdom


There is only one piece of gear that is “needed”. I am currently using the unique dagger “Edict.” This dagger really makes this build what it is. Other than that I have pretty much random gear. Heavy chest and helm to take advantage of Salvatory Anchor. the rest is mostly heavy with a couple bruiser pieces.

If you do not have Edict dagger. This can be run with other one hand melee weapons as long as it has Toxic procs.


  • Plagueburst – Swarm, Rapid, Infection, Smog, Vitiation, Mortiferous, Bio. Swarm, Smog and Vitiation being the most important.
  • Aether Jump – Quantum, Escape, Flight, March, Breath, Time.
  • Light-bringer – Solar, Sudden, Blinding Light, Noble, Blinding Lights, Solar.
  • Livor Mortis – Glutton, Foul, Grief, Sacrifice, Gulf, Token.
  • Slayer’s Flurry – Final, Superdense, Foe, Moons, Cut, Curse, Slice, Knife.


Keep plague and mortis up at all times. Teleport between groups of enemies, Light jump into mobs, Spam flurry to regain willpower. Rinse and repeat. You’re very slow if you walk with Disallowing Vessel. But with this build you can teleport and dash to between mobs like crazy. It’s a lot of fun and does a ton of damage and pretty tough to die.

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