CryoFall – Ultimate Guide to PVE

Guide made by a beginner for other beginners or people interested in the game.

Complete PVE Guide



This guide may and will contain spoilers. If you like to explore things by yourself this guide is probably not for you. To search for specific informations use [CTRL] + [F].


Beware that this guide is written by a beginner and may lack some informations.

CryoFall – Strange Alien Island

You wake up on a strange island. Surrounded by nothing but nature and everything that wants to kill you. Hungry and thirsty with no idea what to do. Except that you would probably like to visit a plastic surgeon. – What?!


Character Customization

If you would like to customize your character’s appearance, click [E] and head to Customize at top of the window.


To navigate in CryoFall you can either click on icons at top of the screen or use assigned shortcuts.


  • [E] Equipment
  • [C] Crafting
  • [TAB] Construction
  • [M] Map
  • [K] Skills
  • [G] Technologies
  • [J] Quests
  • [H] Social
  • [P] Politics


Here you can put your tools and everything that you want to use for hand like for example an axe or a pickaxe. You can use number on your keyboard [1] to [9] or you can go to settings by clicking [ESC], options at top of the screen and choose to use your scroll wheel.


There are four basic attributes which are – in the left corner – health and stamina – and in the right one – food and water.



To move your character use [W][A][S][D], sprint by holding [L SHIFT] and gather by using [RMB]. To use your tools like for example pickaxe, hold down [LMB]

First Steps

You first quest, which you can see in the top right corner of your screen is to gather fibers, twigs and stones. As the quests tells you, right click them on the ground.

Your next mission is to craft a Stone Axe, which you do by pressing [C], crafting a rope and after that your first axe.

When you are done with making your very first tool, except a torch you magically woke up with, press [E] in order to open your inventory and simply drag it to your toolbar.

Now you are ready to go out in the world!

Following quests is very important as those are your tutorial – which is explaining the very basics you are reading here.

Chop down a tree – by pressing the button corresponding to your axe in the hotbar and holding [LMB] next to it.

Food and Water

As by now you are probably dying of hunger and thirst. Simply grab some shrooms and roast them in a campfire which you build by pressing [TAB] and then going to Food. You could also eat some berries when you are already at it. Those provide your body some luqids, but not enough to survive. You can gain water by using one of following methods;

  • Eating Waterbulb Fruits.
  • Filling bottles with lake water which you later have to cook.
  • Building a Water Collector or a Well.

Building a Base

Place of Your Own

What you probably want to make the most right now is to get a place of your own. To build your very first home you need to unlock Construction Tier I in Technologies [G].

Land Claim (Tier 1) is what you need to make a place your own. [TAB], Other. You can take a walk through the map and find a free spot. To see which land is already claimed by other players you either hold [L ALT] or [L]. You can’t place your claim in the red or gray spots as those belong to others. Don’t worry! You can remove your claim and build it somewhere else later on. Use a crowbar to remove your buildings. You can have 3 landclaims, one from every tier up to the fourth where you don’t get any. You can also expand them a little.

Your buildings are safe only in the green spot, not in the grey one!

Grey spot will fill in while you upgrade your claim, but there will be 1 or 2 tiles between so that you can’t block of anyone and vice versa. You can still connect your own claims though.

You can’t build too close to cliffs!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I find coffee beans?
  • First you need to gather coffee berries from oval bushes with red/brown/orange dots on. Then you need to roast them in an oven. Unlocks in Tier II Cooking.
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