Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Complete Aspect Guide (All Abilities, How to Unlock and Use)

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Guide to Aspects


Aspects in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a special mechanic of the game that allows the player’s character to temporarily transform into a pristine being or apocalyptic form. There is a total of four Aspects that players can choose from, and each aspect contains its unique set of skills and abilities that can be executed on the battlefield and while you are in the chosen apocalyptic form. This guide covers a list of all the Aspects that are shown in the game.

How to Unlock an Aspect?

The first aspect can be unlocked near the end of Chapter 1, you’ll be given the opportunity to unlock and choose your first aspect, however, as you progress through the game, you can unlock other aspects and players can switch other aspects at any given time once you’ve obtained a new one.

Using an Aspect

In order to shift into your chosen aspect, you’ll have to collect and have enough Primordial Essence to fill its meter, and you can obtain this by killing monsters. Once it is full, press [R], and you’ll shift into your apocalyptic form, the meter will then begin to deplete over time and you’ll revert back to your original form once it’s empty. 

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Aspects

Aspect of Dawn

Commanding the battlefield as a beacon of blinding light, the Primordial of Dawn carries the hopes of humanity as she charges into the fallen hordes. With her essence infused into the First movement of Life, her believers stand steadfast, smiting all traces of corruption under her holy rays.

Aspect of War

Many of the Fallen indulge in the joys of destruction, but Baäpheth aims for something higher: strategy combined with skill in the service of absolute conquest. He splits the battlefield in twain with the flames of war, dispatching enemies in large swaths. All who stand in the way must fall before his violent ambitions.

Aspect of Infinity

The fabric of the world bends under his will, warping his enemies into cracks in space and time. The divine powers of Anulai-Tai were born from a need to fight existential power, and from that day he was the one to cast fear upon others, contorting the bodies of his opponents with gravitational shifts.

Aspect of Flesh

The Aberrant burgeons over all available earth, tendrils of skin and flesh blooming to assuage an all-consuming desire. His followers are endless, for in accepting Ashtaroth, their bodies become limitless weapons of bone and tendon. They lie in wait, preparing to assimilate the world in their image.

List of Aspect Abilities

Immaculate Score (Aspect of Dawn)

  • Powerful, purposeful attacks that deal Sacred damage.

Will of the Protector (Aspect of Dawn)

  • Invoke a wave of holy energy that pulls enemies towards you and deal a vicious hammer blow. Deals Sacred damage and generates Essence of Sanctity.

Hammer of the Aurora (Aspect of Dawn)

  • Launch your hammer into the fray, dealing damage upon landing and creating a vortex of purifying light that pulls enemies into its centre. Can be reactivated to create a powerful explosion. This ability deals Sacred damage and generates Essence of Sanctity.

All-Cleansing Light (Aspect of Dawn)

  • Summon a blessed aura around you, damaging enemies and giving allies additional Sacred damage for a short period of time.

Dawn Choir (Aspect of Dawn)

  • Launch yourself into the air and land at your cursor location, dealing Sacred damage around you. This ability consumes Essence of Sanctity to deal increased damage.

Frenzy Attacks (Aspect of War)

  • Attacks with an increased range that deal Fire damage. Attack speed increases with stacks of Frenzy.

Unflinching Assault (Aspect of War)

  • Slam the ground in a cone in front of you, dealing Fire damage. Each use of this skill generates a stack of Frenzy. The casting time of this skill is reduced with stacks of Frenzy.

Scorching Obelisk of War (Aspect of War)

  • Summon a powerful pillar of flame that deals Fire damage over time. This skill consumes all current stacks of Frenzy to deal increased damage.

Strife of Baäpheth (Aspect of War)

  • Unleash a blade of flame, dealing Fire damage in a long line. This skill can be charged; each stage increases damage and area of effect.

Charge of the First Warrior (Aspect of War)

  • Charge furiously towards the cursor location, dealing Fire damage in your wake. On arrival, deal damage around you in an explosion.

Biorhytmic Missiles (Aspect of Infinity)

  • Auto-targeting projectiles that deal Aether damage and generate points of Entropy.

Calamitous Paradox (Aspect of Infinity)

  • Launch a projectile of unstable existential energy that pierces enemies, dealing Aether damage. If the skill is reactivated or the projectile collides with your clone, the projectile explodes. This ability consumes Points of Entropy to deal increased damage.

Inevitable Obsolescence (Aspect of Infinity)

  • While channeling this skill, select targets to eradicate. After selecting a sufficient number of targets, fire out beams made from the fabric of time, dealing Aether damage and generating Points of Entropy.

Spatial Warp (Aspect of Infinity)

  • Tear a hole in time and space and obliterate all enemies in front of you with a huge beam of Aether damage. This skill increases in power and size over time.

Parallel Convergence (Aspect of Infinity)

  • Create a clone of yourself at the curser location which will copy your skills. Reactivating this skill allows you to swap position with your clone.

Boneblade Incisions (Aspect of Flesh)

  • Quick, wide boneblade slashes that deal Rend damage.

Bone Shuriken (Aspect of Flesh)

  • Leap backward and launch razor-sharp projectiles in a cone in front of you, dealing Rend damage. Killing enemies with any ability generates Aspects of  Blood, which are consumed to increase the number of projectiles and damage of this ability.

Eviscerating Flurry (Aspect of Flesh)

  • Launch into a series of extremely high-speed attacks in an area around your character, dealing Rend damage to all enemies inside it.

The Hungering Flesh (Aspect of Flesh)

  • Attack a single target by temporarily separating your being into 3 parts, ravaging them with Rend damage from all sides. This ability can be charged for increased damage.

Rapid Assimilation (Aspect of Flesh)

  • Dash through the bodies of your enemies, dealing Rend damage to those you pass through.

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